Things You Need To Remember This Week

Things You Need To Remember This Week

The opposite of what you feel on a Friday is what you feel on Monday, multiplied by 100. Nobody likes Monday, but because of some concept developed by an asshole who didn’t have anything better to do with life, we have to face it every week. Don’t you wish we were all born in prehistoric times when things were easier? No point thinking about it now. If it helps, following are certain things you need to remember this week –

1. Duniya is moh maaya
It’s all moh maaya. This getting up to work, tolerating people and pleasing others is all moh maaya. Don’t take anything seriously because in the end, it’s really all moh maaya. You need to think above all this, stop feeling about everything and worry about your happiness. Because? It’s all moh maaya bro!

Things You Need To Remember This Week

2. Nothing is permanent
That girlfriend, that job, that happiness, those people, and everything else is temporary. You need to keep this in the mind for the whole week as you’ll be facing many situations where you minght think this is going to affect you, but it really won’t matter in the long run. Keep in mind, nothing is permanent.

Things You Need To Remember This Week

3. Life is a joke
First of all, there’s nothing truthful about this life. It was just yesterday when you were born, when everyone gave you attention and now you’re forced to earn your own living and pay rent. What is this? Some kind of evil joke? We’re not ready to do anything yet. Can we just go back to those infant days already? This growing up is scary.

Things You Need To Remember This Week

4. Mass murder can get you to jail
Many times this week, it will cross through your mind that you need to kill someone desperately in order to be at peace. They may be anyone, from your co-workers to your siblings, or just a bunch of people you really hate. However wonderful the world may be without them, you’ll be going to jail for that. There’s no Wi-Fi in jail.

Things You Need To Remember This Week

5. You need money
There will be moments where you would think that quitting your job and backpacking to Europe is a good idea. Let me warn you, it’s not. No matter how many times you watch ZNMD and think you need a vacation, you must see your bank account and make the plans. Obviously, quitting will get you nowhere as you need money to exist.

Things You Need To Remember This Week

Cannot adult anymore. Sorry. Nope.

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