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Every Indian Mom In The World

Human beings, in general, are pretty weird. You never know with them, what they are or how they act like. But if you sub-categorize them, you’ll find that as you go down in the hierarchy, they get weirder. The weirdest of all, however, are mothers, hands down. Especially, Indian moms, who show love in ways that are questionable. No matter where Indian moms move to in this world, you’ll always be able to recognize them the moment you see them with their child. And the child is doesn’t necessarily mean a child. It could be someone as old as a 30-year-old. Yep, weird. This is how every Indian mom in the world is like –

1. Powerhouse of melodrama
Melodrama runs in the blood of every Indian mom and even they know that. Things can be as menial as you not eating dinner at home for one night. You decide you want to eat outside instead of home for one day. A normal person would let that go, but an Indian mom will use that as a reason to prove that you don’t love your family anymore. Things escalate pretty quickly for them.

Every Indian Mom

2. Queen of emotional blackmail
Have you ever tried to find an excuse to not show up for a family function and eventually ending up there because of your mom? Then you know what emotional blackmail is. Every Indian mom uses this tool that can make their children agree to lie on their own deathbed if needed. The most classic use of it is saying “what if I die tomorrow” and trust me, it never fails.

Every Indian Mom

3. Lover of gossip
Indian moms don’t like a lot of people. They don’t even like their own children, truth be told. They just interact with others to enjoy the gossip. Someone, somewhere is failing miserably in life and that’s what Indian moms live for. There is no mystery in why moms spend hours on their phones. They love to stay updated on everyone’s life, especially the people they hate.

Every Indian Mom

4. Aggressive child lovers
Indian moms love their children, in their own special way. They don’t say it exactly, because that would be outrageous. They say it when they constantly fight with you. When you ask why they do that, they’ll tell you things like “you only fight with your loved ones” and you have no answer to that. They’ll be thrashing you “out of love” and you will never understand what it is.

Every Indian Mom

5. Mother of pretensions
Indian mothers love to pretend. They have been pros at pretending for a long time. You’ll have a firsthand experience at it once guests come over to your house. They will go as far as stroking your hair out of love when just two hours ago, before the guests came, they were throwing chappals on you for not cleaning the house properly. They are just born actresses.

Every Indian Mom

But we still love you moms.

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