10 reasons why Me-Time Is Important

Nowadays, we think twice before allotting me-time. We live in a dizzyingly fast-paced world where everyone seems to be ahead of us! Take the last five years for instance. We have no idea how time passed. In such a world, it becomes important for us to take care of ourselves. Me-time is a necessity. No […]

Why Being Kind Is Important

Kindness is a trait that is rarely seen in people today. Ever since we were kids, we have been told that being kind is important. Be it to human beings or even animals, when we show kindness, love flows fluently. It helps us build better relationships and fill the environment around with positive vibes. It […]

An Ode To Neighbourhood Aunties

The only people who give us nightmares after the It clown are neighbourhood aunties. If America has FBI, we have neighbourhood aunties to keep track of everyone’s lives except theirs. We have all been a victim of these ladies at least once in life growing up. Despite our constant efforts, we haven’t been able to […]

Things We Don’t Use Anymore

If it wasn’t for technology, we would still be living in those primitive days of waiting to hear from relatives for more than a month. That would have been fun though, wouldn’t it? Not being in contact with anyone. But then again, we wouldn’t have Netflix, which is kind of a modern-day necessity. Because of […]

Why You Should Watch Bohemian Rhapsody

It is about to be 28 years since the death of the legendary Farrokh Bulsara, better known as, Freddie Mercury of Queen. On 24th November 1991, he died due to AIDS-related complications, but his name will live on as long as music exists. Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film that honours the four artists who […]

Modern Day Necessities

Times have changed. We have evolved from when food was the only necessity. But imagine, what would it be like to roam around hunting and gathering food without anything else to worry about. Sounds like something we all definitely cannot do. Modern day necessities are things we cannot function without. If we are told to […]

Diwali Hangover And Its Effects

As much as you wouldn’t like to hear this, but Diwali is over. The five-day vacation that you had, where you did nothing productive but binge-watched shows, comes to and end. Monday will come tomorrow. We will have no break for a whole month now. However, the worst part of all this is going back […]

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