Every Indian Mom Ever

Every Indian Mom Ever

Everything about us Indians is different from the world. Why would our moms be the same? Indian moms are the best. They are more sarcastic than Chandler Bing but at the same time, they can be very loving. They are the most bipolar human beings on this planet, but you know life would be miserable without them. The following describes every Indian mom ever –

1. Tupperware Mania
There’s some inexplicable kind of relationship between every Indian mom and her Tupperware dabbas. You can lose yourself and never come back, but if you lose Tupperware, you are doomed. She doesn’t care if she’s given birth to you, once you do that mistake, you’re disowned. You don’t get to speak. Tupperware over children, always.

Every Indian Mom Ever

2. Emotional Blackmail
If Indian moms have patent right on something, it is the art of emotionally blackmailing their kids into doing things. You going to a distant relative’s birthday party, grocery shopping at D-mart where you basically are there to hold stuff and making your mom’s Facebook account is all a result of intense emotional blackmail.

Every Indian Mom Ever

3. Bipolar Disorder
One minute Indian moms will be the epitome of love and affection, and the very next minute she will be throwing things at you. That’s Indian moms for you. With them you never know what’s up. Figuring them out is more difficult than understanding a Morse code. And god help you if you try to bring this to their attention, you are doomed if you do.

Every Indian Mom Ever

4. Confusion Confusion
Indian moms can never make up their minds about anything. They are the most confused people on earth. They’ll want to go for a movie but also say how it’s going to cost money. Well, obviously mom. If you try to sort out they’re dilemma by saying how it’s okay if a little money is spent, she’ll lecture you on how to save money.¬†And it becomes about you.

Every Indian Mom Ever

5. Loads of Pyaar
Despite all this, Indian moms are a store house of love. And it’s all visible in everything they do. They’ll always think about the others before herself, something which isn’t right but adorable. Even after yelling at you for being irresponsible and lazy, she’ll come back with food so you don’t go to bed angry and hungry. Why so cute, mommies?

Every Indian Mom Ever

Aren’t they the best?

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