Thoughts When You See Someone You Hate

Thoughts When You See Someone You Hate

Hating people is not something that comes naturally to you. You are someone who would like to spread as much love as you can but people make it really hard to love them. Everywhere you go, you see a bunch of people you know you cannot help but hate. It’s really hard to be good in this world. You wake up thinking how you’ll not let anyone kill your vibe, but the moment you see someone you hate, a million thoughts run into your mind. Following are some of these thoughts when you see someone you hate –

1. The moment you see their face, the very first thing that comes to your mind is why did you do to deserve this. Why did the universe conspire into making you see their stupid face.
2. When you hate someone and they don’t know about it, your mind is constantly hopping between whether to smile at them or just ignore them by walking away.
3. When there’s eye contact between the two of you, you are still thinking if now would be the right time to run away from there. You obviously don’t do that because you’re a better person.
4. The minute you see them, everything that pisses you of about them starts doing rounds in your mind. Every time they made you want to slap them runs like a series in your head.
5. There’s a second where you decide to be forgiving and stop hating them but that second passes away as soon as you take another look at their face. It all comes back then.
6. Your thoughts about them are pretty clear by your facial expressions. You try hard to cover it up by smiling but your mind makes it clear what it really is thinking about by the facial muscles.
7. With each second passing, you are calculating the time it will take for you to run after you punch them in the face without people around you noticing it.
8. There’s a moment when you become really sad because you cannot you’re not the Flash. You could actually pull off slapping them and running away without them even knowing what happened.
9. When you’re done analyzing all your options, you finally approach and meet them, but all you’re thinking about is a world without them existing in it. Oh what a world would that be!
10. For a fraction of a second, your brain is plotting a murder with each detail. From the weapon to a place to bury the body, this is what your brain really wants to do but cannot, because laws.

They’ll die one day. 

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