Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

Hey desi kids, aren’t we all the most blessed people on earth? Hell yeah! Growing up desi, we have all had certain benefits that make us feel a tad bit better about ourselves. Sure, we go through some things no other kids go through, but life is never full of good things. Following are the perks of being a desi kid –

1. Lifetime supply of achaar
Desi kids enjoy the best things in life. One of them being achaar. Even if everything in your life is going down a hill, you’ll always have achaar. Even when you move to a new country, your kitchen will always have achaar. Our moms are big fans of this condiment and they make sure we never give up them to. The motto of our moms is ‘when life gives you lemons, make achaar.’

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

2. Feast when guests come over
On normal days, your mom will always give you khichdi to eat. But when you see her getting up at 7 am for preparing food, you know guests are coming over. Normally, nobody likes gets. But this is the perk of being a desi kid. Guests mean loads of dishes to eat food that is better than any five star experience you will ever get. Atithi devo bhava, really!

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

3. No weekend is boring
When you are a desi kid, you don’t need friends. You already have a long list of cousins you haven’t even met. Weekends outside India may mean partying with friends. But weekends in India are another occasion of chilling with family and relatives. If you don’t have plans, you still have plans.

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

4. Nonstop gossip
As desi kids, we’re all fans of gossip. Even if there’s anything happening to someone we haven’t spoken to, we like it. Gossip connects us. Gossip is our protein. And just like us, our parents are all gossip mongers. It immediately turns into a topic of discussion when there’s new gossip.

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

5. Every month is a celebration
India may be a land of culture. But what it is surely is the land of festivals. There’s not a month we don’t have a reason to celebrate anything. Festivals are all around us. That’s the best part of being a desi kid, you’re never going to run out of reasons to celebrate.

Perks Of Being A Desi Kid

Desi kids, where you at?

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