Things To Do When You're High

Things To Do When You’re High

If you’ve ever been high, you know the feeling of not caring about anything. Instead of drunk dialing your ex and making a fool out of yourself, here’s a list of certain things to do when you’re high –

1. Karaoke
With being high, there come a lot of fake beliefs that you’re good at something. Singing is one of those beliefs. You might suck at singing, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing that. Grab that mic and set the stage on fire, Indian Idol. Karaoke is always the best thing to do when high.

Things To Do When You're High

2. Dancing
If you’ve ever been high, you already know how much fun is dancing when you’re not entirely in your senses. Break a leg when you feel a little tipsy, it’s fun. If nothing, you’ll definitely be laughing about it the next day by seeing your atrocious dancing videos.

Things To Do When You're High

3. Talking
For many of us, words don’t come that easily. While we may be feeling a lot of things and wanting to talk to someone, we may not be able to do it. When you’re high, words do come easily. So if you’re in need of desperately talking to someone, just do it. Maybe that’ll make you feel better.

Things To Do When You're High

4. Listen To Music
Sometimes you only need your own company. When everyone else is passed out everywhere and you can’t sleep, listen to your favourite music. If you find a friend to do that with, that’s even better. Just go to the rooftop/terrace, put your favourite song and stay quiet. It’s just like therapy.

Things To Do When You're High5. Watch Indian Daily Soaps
This is the best thing you can do after being high. Indian TV shows are not meant for watching when sober as there’s a lot of things that don’t really make sense. But when you’re high, you can watch them, alone or with your squad. They still won’t make sense but you can laugh about it.

Things To Do When You're High

What will you be doing?

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