Types Of Dances At Parties

Types Of Dances At Parties

Welcome to Monday. Welcome to another week of questioning your existence. Welcome to another week of wondering exactly when you asked for this monotonous life. Just, welcome. How’s it going? Not very good, I assume.

How was the weekend? Did you dance your troubles away? What kind of dance was it? There are different types of dances at parties. What kind is your move? Following are the types of dances at parties –

1. The pre-drunk

Everyone knows this. It’s the shaking of a leg or two when you just arrive at the party. When you’re bored of roaming around, introducing yourself to random people you’re probably never going to meet, you go to the dance floor to bust a move. This is before you hit yourself with a few drinks. So the moves are mostly barely moving your limbs.

Types Of Dances At Parties

2. The post-drunk

Everything starts to get real. Post drunk dance moves are what everybody knows and remembers for the rest of their lives. It’s the kind of dance you do when you’re ten pegs down, unknown of what is happening around you. It’s the dance you do when you’ve had a stressful week, and you could use the loud music that blocks all people away from your system.

Types Of Dances At Parties

3. The more expressions, less moves

This can also be called as the dance of the face. You can easily spot such dancers as they like to shout the lyrics out loud, moving their face more than their bodies. They act out each expression like they’re being filmed, winking occasionally, making pout faces all the time. It’s like they’re trying to converse with everyone through their face.

Types Of Dances At Parties

4. The carefree

These kind of dancers are the best. They don’t care about what is happening around. They don’t even need alcohol to feel like that. They’re naturally carefree dancers. The best thing about being a carefree dancer is you don’t care about who is judging you. You know they’re all having fun seeing you dance like that, and wish they were like you. Never change, you lunatic but adorable person, never change.

Types Of Dances At Parties

5. The pains-in-the-morning

And then come the kind of people who dance like there is no tomorrow. Their right leg may be at a different part of the world and the left leg at another, they won’t feel anything until the next morning. After being drunk, they will perform all kinds of stunts when it comes to dancing only to regret it the following morning. Should have chugged less, my friend.

Types Of Dances At Parties

What kind of a party dancer are you?

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