Places To Go During Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is here again. During this time, Muslims fast and prayer from sunrise to sunset. The fast is broken with dates, after which you can enjoy the delicacies either at home or at marketplaces. This year too, it’s a food festival all over as the city turns into a paradise for foodies.

From kebabs to relish to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with mouth-watering desserts, there are many places to go during Ramadan. If you have problems deciding what to eat, don’t worry. You can eat it all. Following are the places to go during Ramadan to quench your stomach’s thirst and enjoy food made by the experts themselves.

1. Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

Hands down, if you want to see what a real feast looks like, head to Mohammed Ali Road right now and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. The colors, the food, the richness, the culture, everything is so prominently visible in the hustle-bustle of Mohammed Ali Road. Lose yourself in scrumptious dishes that will make you want it all.



2. Kasaur Baug, Pune

If Mumbai has Mohammed Ali Road, Pune has Kasaur Baug. Festivities begin right here in Pune. During Ramadan, the air of this place is fused with the delicacies that you can relish non-stop. Be it the restaurants in this area or the street food, you can enjoy all you want at Kasaur Baug. It’s like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet.


3. Azam Campus, Pune

Another one of Pune’s must-visit places during Ramadan is Azam Campus. Try the chicken dishes here. There are many restaurants and street food vendors in the area that give you value for money food that is tasty till the last bite. If you live in the area, Azam Campus is where you should be heading for dinner.


4. Bademiya, Mumbai
Nested in one of Mumbai’s oldest and most beautiful places, Bademiya in Colaba is where you need to be right now. Kebabs, mutton seekh rolls, Indian breads and more are just some of the dishes that the wide menu of Bademiya offers. To enjoy Iftaar at its best, go straight to Colaba to break your fast with the best food you could ask for.


Happy fasting. Happy feasting.

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