Ordering Food Online

The Process Of Ordering Food Online

When you don’t know how to cook meals for yourself that you can pack for lunch at work, or don’t have mommy around to pack lunch for you like she did when you were small, you order food online. You depend on restaurants to feed you, and you must be knowing what a tedious task it is to decide what to order.

Technology has made it so easy for us to order food with just a click. If only our brains could decide what to eat with just a click. The process of ordering food online is tedious. Here’s how it goes –

1. Lunchtime dilemma

‘What to eat’ is a question you ask yourself every day at 1 pm when it is lunch time. You see everyone around you going through the same thing, all those who don’t get lunch from home. It’s difficult for everyone, so you’re not alone. In fact, lunchtime is the time you dread. Going through the same questions all the time is tiring.

Ordering Food Online

2. Making the decision

After all those mental battles, you finally fixate on one thing that you wish to eat. The decision, however, doesn’t depend on just that. It depends on many other factors like how much is the meal going to cost you, how much time will the delivery take and is it really worth your money. After considering all these factors and going back and forth again, you decide on your lunch.

Ordering Food Online

3. Payment procedure

After deciding, you need to place your order. Now this gives a headache because minimum order amount, no cash on delivery option, and forgot card at home because you’re stupid. When there is a cash on delivery option, you don’t have enough cash and are too bored to go to the atm. Life is a series of disappointments when it comes to ordering food online.

Ordering Food Online

4. The dreadful wait

You don’t really know what waiting is if you haven’t waited for your food to arrive. Seeing everyone relish the food they ordered or got from home while you’re waiting for yours to come is difficult. It gets worse when you see that your delivery guy has been stranded on the same location since the last 15 minutes. Tracking your order does nothing but hurt your feelings.

Ordering Food Online

5. The satisfaction

And when finally your delivery guy arrives after fighting all the zombies (the only logical explanation of why he was late), it’s bliss. Unboxing your food while it’s still warm, dreaming about it and seeing it right in front of your eyes, the satisfaction you get out of it is unmatchable. It makes the whole process of ordering food online experience worth it.

Ordering Food Online

Happy Feasting!

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