How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

Diwali is without a doubt the most happening and gorgeous festival in India. Celebrating the victory of good over evil, the festival is celebrated every year with the same enthusiasm. All the streets, shops and houses light up making the place look so beautiful. The best part of all this is getting together with your family and friends and celebrating the festival with brotherhood.

Us Indians have a special love for Diwali in particular. Most families follow the tradition of cleaning the house, buying new clothes, furniture, utensils among other things, and wearing them on the Diwali day. This just shows how auspicious this festival is for us. However, there’s this one tradition that needs to stop. Bursting of crackers is not cool. This Diwali, spread happiness and joy, not harmful smoke. Following are some pointers on how to celebrate Diwali this year –  

1. Dress like a bomb

If you thought Diwali was all about diyas and lights, you’re wrong. It’s also about wearing traditional attire and killing it at the fashion game.Yes, make this year’s Diwali all about being a bomb. As we Indians need an occasion to buy new clothes, what’s better than Diwali? So bring out your inner badass desi girl, buy some ethnic clothes and flaunt your inner diva this festive season. Why burst a pataka when you can be one?

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

2. Don’t burst crackers

It is the festival of lights, not noise. And it’s high time we stop the tradition of indirectly burning our money on stupid things like crackers. Everyone is known to the fact that the crackers have harmful effects on humans, animals and the environment as a whole. All that smoke enters the air and pollutes it. Like Leonardo DiCaprio said in his speech, let’s not take this planet for granted anymore. Don’t burst crackers.

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

3. Help animals

There exist some selfish people in the world who can only think about themselves. Our little friends need us the most, especially this time of the ear. The sound of crackers and the smoke emitted affects animals more hazardously than we can imagine. And the worst part is that they cannot even say or do anything about it. It’s time for us to become responsible and take care of our little friends. If you see any animal in need, help them out.

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

4. Treat your taste buds

Dresses, relatives, friends, celebrations are what make Diwali as truly special occasion. But what is the one thing that makes everyday a festival? You guessed it right, mouth-watering scrumptious food. And when it’s time for the biggest festival of the year, the food should also match up to the grandeur. Indulge into tempting chaklis, gujiyas, mithaai, and more with your loved ones this year. No festival is complete without food.

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year

Happy Diwali, you guys!

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