Why Shah Rukh Khan Is The Undisputed King Of Bollywood

Why Shah Rukh Khan Is The Undisputed King Of Bollywood

On 2nd November 1965, a superstar was born who was going to be rich and famous one day. His calling came in 1989 TV serial Fauji, and in 1992 with Deewana, his official entry into Bollywood. And man has he grown ever since! After successfully establishing himself as a sort out actor, he entered the world of business making money through various investments that have only increased his power and prestige. The world’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan is a true success story that still inspires various lives. On his birthday, listed below are the reasons why Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed King of Bollywood.

1. The Gentleman

At 51, when a man can make young girls and old women go weak in the knees, you know he’s Shah Rukh Khan. He has been generously blessed with a natural charm that makes women attracted towards this man, which is why most men envy him. For a girl who has grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan in movies, especially the romantic ones, it is difficult to settle for just any man. And no matter how hard anyone tries, one just can’t simply become Shah Rukh Khan.

2. Brand and Actor SRK

If you’re a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, you know what I’m referring to here. The difference between a star and an actor is that a star is famous among people for their personality, while the actor has a huge fan following solely based on the acting skills. Shah Rukh Khan is the best of both worlds. The brand Shah Rukh Khan gets bigger and better each day, with him venturing in various fields, and there has never been even a slightest of doubt on the actor Shah Rukh Khan. Sure, most of his recent flicks were entertainers, (that made a lot of money, just btw) but he hit the right cord with Fan. Dear Zindagi and Raees and going to be even better, as glimpses of the actor Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in their trailers. And we hope that the brand and actor SRK embrace the fraternity with his presence for many more years to come.

3. The Wit

If you’re an avid follower of SRK’s interviews, you probably know how witty this man can be. Called as a journalist’s delight, Shah Rukh Khan has never been known to shy away from any questions. If it bothers him, he’ll revert quickly with a witty reply, but he’ll never stop responding. It is through the interviews, talk shows and speeches that you get to see this side of the world’s biggest superstar. His intellect, wit and presence of mind is what separates him from the rest of the industry.

4. Humility

He’s in the media for all the wrong reasons all the time. From “misbehaving” at a stadium in Mumbai to “fighting” with Salman Khan at a party, we’ve always heard something of this kind about Shah Rukh Khan. What only a fewer people know should be known to everyone, because this is who he really is. In 2011, he became the first Indian to be awarded by UNESCO for his charity and social commitment towards providing education for children. He has always been donating and making a change in the world, all low key, which is why not many people know that he’s one of the most kind and humble people.

5. The name

Shah Rukh Khan is not just a name. For his fans it’s a set of three words that can change their mood within seconds. For girls and women, it’s a reminder of everything their partners can’t be. For boys and men, it’s someone they have to match up to their whole life and live with the fact that their girlfriends/wives will always find love in this one person. For haters it’s a constant reminder of what their favourite actor cannot be. For the world, it’s a name that’s always going to be synonymous with India. Shah Rukh Khan is a global phenomenon that we have the privilege to see everyday. It’s high time we start cherishing this superstar who has changed the course of Indian film industry.

Happy Birthday Superstar!

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