Crisis Everyone Faces In Their 20s

Crisis Everyone Faces In Their 20s

People in their 20s need the most help. The transition from adolescence to adulthood is not easy. It’s all confusing, senseless and weird to a person going through so much change. This is a stage where things seem to be different, where one starts doubting oneself. The good part it, everyone goes through it. Following are some crisis everyone faces in their 20s –

1. Relationships
The most complicated thing is love. Not the greatest minds of the world could decipher this concept. One of the things all of us miserably fail is maintaining relationships. Two people who are battling their own demons cannot deal with each other, not in that state of mind. However, if you successfully pass the phase, you’re meant to be. So hold on, better things are coming.

2. Friendships
Everyone has this phase in life where they think friendships are merely a way for a social escape. Friends are nothing but people you talk to. This is quite common with people in their 20s who have grown up spending a lot of time with their friends, realizing how it doesn’t really matter anymore. But as we grow, we realize the importance of friendships.

3. Jobs
In your 20s, you’re just at the first step of making your future. Up until now, you were working hard towards achieving your ambitions, and now that you have, you don’t know what to do with it. It is normal to feel out of place, it’s something everyone faces. Your years of hard work may seem useless but know that you’ve given too many years for this to leave it all for a phase.

4. Adulting
Till you were 19 years old, you have always been regarded as a child who doesn’t have a direction. That’s how your family had been treating you. But suddenly, a year later, you’re an adult. For them, it’s been 19 years that led to the transition. But in reality, it’s only been a year. You’re not expected to be great at being a grown up, so stop stressing and start realizing that you’re not answerable to anyone.

5. Life
The first few years had been the hardest, ever since you stepped into the magical world of 20s. But you grew. It’s still not any better, on the contrary it’s getting worse. But you will survive. As much pointless as life may seem right now, you need to hold on. As long as you have people who love you, a dedication to move forward and a vision of yourself in the future, you will be fine.

Hang in there, it’ll be okay.

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