Loud People

Things people with a loud voice will understand

People are not the same and the same is true about their voices. While some have  a low-pitched voice, some are blessed with really loud ones. People with loud voices go through a lot everyday. They may be really funny, and the life of every party, but what they have to go through on regular basis is really hard. Next time you see someone with a loud voice, hug them, they really need it.

  1. Everybody knows what you’re saying.

If you’re someone with a loud voice, “did I say that out loud?” is used by you innumerable times. You try to say offensive things about people in a really low voice, but turns out your low voice isn’t low enough. Your words are heard by everyone, and things just get awkward thereafter. So you generally keep your thoughts to yourself in public places.

Loud people

  1. People always think you’re shouting.

Any normal conversation with people may be normal to you, but not to others. they’ll always keep asking you why are you angry, or why are you yelling when you’re just talking in a regular manner. Trying to explain everyone that you’re not angry and you’re not yelling is really hard. They not only don’t understand, but each time you utter a word, they give you that “please don’t eat me” look.

Loud people

  1. People give you looks.

Talking on the phone is public is not an activity you like. In fact, you avoid attending call in public unless it’s really important, because your conversations aren’t your conversations anymore. Everyone starts looking at you because you are that loud. You can’t go without at least ten people looking at your face when you’re talking on the phone with someone.

Loud people

  1. Whispers aren’t your thing.

What is whispering? A loud person doesn’t know the answer to that. You cannot whisper without the whole room knowing what exactly you’re trying to say, and you know this is true. When people ask you to say things in your ears, you know that is not going to work at all. And the game you hate the most? Chinese Whisper, because you know why.

Loud people


  1. You don’t like silent places.

Meetings, lectures and anywhere that is really silent, aren’t your favourite places. You do your best to avoid going, because even if you whisper ‘hi’ to someone, people in China can hear you. You try your level best to keep it down but situations arise where you really need to say something. Everybody starts giving you looks, and you want to smack them in the face, but, you were raised better.

Loud people

But hey, you don’t stop being you, stunner!

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