Things People Do When They Are Hungry

Hunger is not just something you feel when there is nothing in your stomach. Hunger is an emotion. It can make you feel all the other kinds of emotions that you didn’t even know existed in your list of emotions. You feel angry for no rhyme or reason at someone you might not even know. It can make you want to throw things around and clean up right after. People do all sorts of things when they are hungry.

1. Get angry
Number one thing on the list has to be getting angry about something that is menial. When you know someone is hungry, your existence is reason enough to piss them off. When someone you know is angry at you even when you didn’t do anything, show up at their house with a box of pizza.


2. Daydream
When people are hungry, they get in their own zone. Nothing seems interesting to them, not work, not play, nothing. They will daydream about food and everything instead of doing what they are supposed to do. It’s best to feed them if you want them to be productive.


3. Fidget
Be it a pencil or a pebble they found on the street, when someone is hungry, they can fidget with any object that lies in front of them. They will hold on to it, developing a bond with it. The longer that object is with them, the harder it is to break this bond. So you better shift their attention to food.


4. Overthink
A hungry stomach makes the mind hungry for thoughts that are not even required. Overthinking is one of the many tasks a hungry person indulges in. From that person who is not texting them back to the time they pulled a push door, everything is going to disrupt them. For heaven’s sake, feed the poor child.


5. Dream about food
And lastly, they will have flashbacks of all the delicacies they have feasted on and cry because they aren’t eating right now. It’s like torturing oneself, this whole process, and you should stop it immediately by giving them what they need. Make their dreams come true, give them delicious food to eat.


Hunger is an emotion.

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