Every Party In The World

Every Party In The World

Everyone knows what a party is. It’s the gathering of people to take a break from their boring, stupid lives that may or may not include alcohol. More or less, all parties are the same. They all have one goal, and that is to forget about life and its adversities for some time and at least try to have fun for a few hours. This is how every party in the world is like –

1. The meet and greet
Every party begins with an introductory session which can be called as meet and greet. It’s all about spending the time to get to know the people you’re going to get wasted with for the next few hours. This is important because you need to know the name of the person whose shoulder you’re going to cry on later in the night.

Every Party In The World

2. The food parade
The next common thing that you can see in every party is the food parade. As soon as the food is out in the open, huge queues of people are seen to eat like they have never seen food in their whole life. The only person who looks worried during the whole process is the one playing the bill for everyone. Food parade is important, especially when you’re going to get blackout drunk.

Every Party In The World

3. The hero
Everybody knows who is the hero of the party. When everyone is settled in, slightly swaying to the good or bad music, alcohol is out. This one little thing is going to be the crux of fun for every following minute. This hero is the reason why you have so many good memories for years to come. Alcohol is what makes the whole process so beautiful.

Every Party In The World

4. The moves
Once the alcohol kicks in, everyone forgets they are somewhere else. People start dancing to random noises and this is where the real party begins. Dancing is why some people agree to go to a party. YouTube is famous because of drunk dancing videos that sober people take as a revenge on people they don’t like. It’s all about the good and bad moves.

Every Party In The World

5. The headache
The whole night of drinking and dancing gives you a migraine that you’re going to deal with for the next 24 hours. Every single minute of this time is spent regretting the decisions you took last night at a stranger’s party. It gets worse when you talk to your friends and get to know you made some of the worst decisions of your life last night.

Every Party In The World

Have a good weekend, y’all!

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