Treks near Mumbai and Pune

10 places to trek near Mumbai and Pune this weekend!

If you thought monsoon was just about eating fritters at your window watching the showers trickle down from inside, you are wrong! This monsoon, get out of your house and spend your time getting drenched in the rain exploring new places.

And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone. Get your squad on board for a perfect getaway into the mountains, trekking in areas nearby Mumbai and Pune while we help you decide your destination.

Located near the Western Ghats, both the cities offer a wide variety of places that are perfect for every adventure lover. Treks in these places are exactly what you need to do, especially this time of the year.

We bring to you a list of places you could go trekking near Mumbai and Pune that are definitely worth your time –

1. Sinhagad Fort

Located in the Bhuleshwar Range of Sahyadri mountains, Sinhagad Fort is a famous picnic spot and trekking destination for many people.

With a huge history attached to it, the fort echoes of the great achievements of the Marathas, especially the Battle of Sinhagad. It is perfect for all travel and history enthusiasts, and a good option for your one-day trekking trip with the squad.

Distance from Mumbai: 183 km

Distance from Pune: 37 km

Height : 1,312 m

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

2. Kalsubai Peak

Referred to as the “Everest of Maharashtra” owing to the great height, Kalsubai Peak is located in the Sahyadri mountain range. A large number of trekkers choose Kalsubai peak especially because of the steep slopes and dangerous patches.

Also situated in the Kalsubai temple you could visit, and adjoining must-see places are Bhandardara Dam, Arthur Lake and Umbrella falls.

Distance from Mumbai: 155 km

Distance from Pune: 176 km

Height : 1,646 m

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 1 day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

3. Raigad Fort

Built by the Maratha King Shivaji, the Raigad Fort is situated in the Sahyadri range. The fort is ideal for camping, as there are a lot of closed shelters and resorts situated in and around the place.

There have been many historical events that have taken place here, which makes it even more interesting. You can also pitch tents on your own and trek in the night that makes it an ideal trekking destination.

Distance from Mumbai: 105 km

Distance from Pune: 130 km

Height : 1,356 m

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

4. Lohagad Fort

Located near the weekend getaway hill station Lonavala, Lohagad Fort is among the best trekking places around Mumbai/Pune. An important fort held by the Marathas, it is now visited by travelers and avid trekkers.

During monsoon, the top is covered with mist and clouds, and the mosses get wet, which leads to the trek route getting slippery. It is surely dangerous, which is why the necessary precautions must be taken.

Distance from Mumbai: 96 km

Distance from Pune: 77 km

Height : 1,033 m

Difficulty Level: Hard (during monsoon)

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

5. Purandar Fort

One of the favorite destinations for paragliders and trekkers, Purandar Fort has been a part of many historical events taking place during the Maratha reign.

Located in Narayanpur with a unique structure, the fort has two levels. The lower part is called Machi, which is flat land, while the upper level is called Ballekilla. Many temples are prominent in this region.

Distance from Mumbai: 205 km

Distance from Pune: 30 km

Height : 1,387 m

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

6. Jungli Jaigad

A beautiful fort located near the Koyna Lake, Jungli Jaigad is amidst the dense forest. Among the best jungle treks in Maharashtra, the fort boasts of the natural beauty of the surrounding.

However, camping is not advisable here due to the abundance of wild animals. The best time to visit is in the winters, but you can go for a trek in the monsoon too. Both Mumbai and Pune are well connected to the area through railways.

Distance from Mumbai: 250 km

Distance from Pune: 210 km

Height: 902 m

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

7. Prabalgad Fort

Visible from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the Prabalgad Fort is situated between Matheran and Panvel. The fort has a Ganesh temple and some stone ruins and is a sister fort of Irshalgad.

Ropes are advisable for climbing due to the steepness of the slope. You can also visit Irshalgad, Karnala Fort and Manikgad, as they lie in the adjoining areas.

Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

Distance from Pune: 120 km

Height: 702 m

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

8. Ratangad Fort

Also known as the Jewel Fort is an amazing trekking destination and famous among trekkers. The fort endorses breathtaking views and is the best scenic fort in Maharashtra.

Ratanwadi village has a temple called Amruteshwar which is famous for its carvings. The Bhandardara Dam is built on the river Pravara/Amrutvahini which originates from the fort.

Distance from Mumbai: 185 km

Distance from Pune: 205 km

Height : 1,297 m

Difficulty Level: Medium  

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

9. Mahuli Fort

Mahuli Fort lies on the western side of the Sahyadri mountain range. This fort is a combination of many mountains connected through common pinnacles, which adds to its beauty.

It is the highest point in Thane district, the fort is popular among trekkers and rock climbers. The forest surrounding the fort has been declared as a sanctuary.

Distance from Mumbai: 92 km

Distance from Pune: 191 km

Height: 859 m

Difficulty Level: Easy  

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune

10. Raireshwar Fort

It is a form of historical importance, as the temple situated at Raireshwar is where Shivaji took the oath of Hindavi Swaraj. A little steep, the beauty of the fort is regarded at its peak during monsoons.

Other places you could visit are Gomukh Lake, Mahinda, Pandav Leni, and Raireshwar Temple. It can be converted into a 2-day trek if you plan to visit Rohida and Kenjalgad.

Distance from Mumbai: 260 km

Distance from Pune: 95 km

Height : 1,399 m

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 Day

Treks near Mumbai and Pune
Happy trekking, y’all! 
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