Eastwatch Review

GOT Season 7: Eastwatch Review

Three words for episode five: OH MY GOD! What an episode! What an exceptionally brilliant episode! This is what was needed after that incredible Drogon taking on the Lannisters like a savage. There were many revelations in Eastwatch. From throwbacks to heart-wrenching moments, there was everything in this episode. The best part about Season 7 is that the makers are not wasting time at anything. It’s all moving so fast, all the long lost characters are returning and the show’s racing. You actually feel your heart beating as each revelation is put forth. Let’s get into it quickly with the Eastwatch Review and recall what all went down.

Blood meets blood
This was the most electrifying moment of the episode. Dany returns to Dragonstone after her looting train attack at the Lannisters. Drogon, looking majestic as ever, lands like a boss and roars at Jon. But in a few minutes, we see him recognizing the dragon blood in Jon and leaning towards him. Jon is terrified, yet stands there with courage, and pets Drogon. This, right here, is where our hearts stopped collectively. What a moment! Dany was pretty shocked to see that, as most of the people she has met are terrified of her dragons. But Jon seemed to be a natural at it. You know nothing, Daenerys Targaryen.

Eastwatch Review

The Queen’s choice
Whatever is left of all the Lannister and Tarly army are seen gathered around the silver headed queen with a dragon by her side. She gives them two choices. They could either bend the knee or be burnt alive by her mighty dragon. Tyrion is against this, but he can’t do anything as Dany is more ferocious than ever. Randyll Tarly, Sam’s father refuses to take orders from her, along with Dickon Tarly, and Dany sentences them to die. She burns them alive, much to Tyrion’s dismay, but she’s not one to argue with at the moment. Varys and Tyrion later discuss that this move by Dany was uncalled for and Varys asks him to find a way to make her understand, as talking sense into her is his job as the Hand of the Queen.

Eastwatch Review

Brother meets brother
Jon receives a raven from Winterfell where he’s told that Arya and Bran are alive, but more importantly, Bran has had a vision that the Army of the Dead are marching towards Eastwatch by the Sea. Hearing this, Tyrion says that if he wants the world to believe that White Walkers do exist, he needs to bring one to Westeros to Cersei, to make her understand how she should forget the war and fight against the real enemy. He suggests that he should go to negotiate with Jaime, and sets sail to King’s Landing with Ser Davos, a well-known pirate. Avoiding the gold cloaks, Tyrion meets Jaime. Jaime is pissed at him for killing Tywin, their father, but Tyrion explains how he had his reasons. He tells him about the White Walkers, and asks him to convey the news to Cersei. All this while, Cersei knew this was happening but didn’t wish to stop it. She has some news too. She’s pregnant with Jaime’s baby and now they’re ready to start over. Okay what is happening, really?

Eastwatch Review

Long lost friend
Jorah Mormont returns to Daenerys, all cured and happy, and their reunion was a cute one. But that’s not the only long lost friend who returned. While the brother reunion was happening, Ser Davos was in flea bottom searching for a long lost friend. Guess who’s back? Gendry! We thought he had been sailing since season 3 but we learn that he was making arms for the Lannisters, right under the Queen’s nose. Being Robert’s bastard son, his life has been in danger since a long time, but guess it all worked out as he’s alive and well. Davos asks him if he wants to join him, and Gendry has always been ready for this day. He decides to go with Davos and do something productive with his life. We learn that he’s not good with swords, but see him use the hammer brilliantly as he kills two gold cloaks. Welcome back Gendry, we missed you.

Eastwatch Review

Friend or foe?
Things aren’t going too well at Winterfell. The Lords of the North aren’t too happy with Jon going to South to negotiate with Daenerys, and they convey their opinions to Sansa, who warned Jon against going. Arya sees this and notices that Sansa really wants to rule Winterfell, even if she doesn’t say it out loud. There’s some disagreement between the two sisters. Arya even follows Baelish wherever he goes. As he receives one of Maester Luwin’s copied Raven letters, Arya breaks into his room after he leaves to read the contents. She is shocked to find that Sansa wrote to Robb that they should surrender to Joffrey and end the rebellion. It isn’t fair to Sansa because we know she was forced to do that as there really wasn’t a choice. Maybe this was one of Littlefinger’s evil plans to pit the two sisters against each other. Let’s see what happens here.

Eastwatch Review

R+L=J legally?
This revelation is by far the biggest thing that happened in the episode. The maesters at Citadel recieve the letter Bran sent but they don’t believe it. Sam tries hard to make them understand that it’s all true but no one seems to care. Irritated, Sam returns to his room and is seen sitting across Gilly who is reading a record book by High Septon Maynard. While she mentions a whole lot of irrelevant stuff, she asks Sam as to what an “annulment” means. Sam gives her the answer and she says that in a secret ceremony in Dornes, Prince “Ragger” (read Rhaegar) set aside his lawful wife and married someone else. Not paying attention to that, Sam interrupts Gilly and tells her that he’s tired of this and decides to leave Citadel. I know, OH MY GOD, right? Jon is not Ned Stark’s bastard son, we learnt that last season. And now we now he’s Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s legally conceived son. CAN SOMEONE JUST PLEASE DIG INTO THIS MORE AND TELL THE WORLD THAT JON IS NOT A BASTARD? PLEASE?

Eastwatch Review

The stage is set
Jon is happy to learn that his sister and brother are alive, but he has a more important task at hand. He needs to bring a white walker to Westeros and prove to the world that the Army of the Dead is real. As he sets sail towards Eastwatch, we see it on Dany’s face that she’s not happy to say goodbye to Jon. Jorah joins them, along with Davos and Gendry. In the last part of the episode, they all arrive at Eastwatch where they meet Tormund who was kind of hoping that Jon would bring Brienne as well, but is disappointed that he didn’t. Tormund tells them how he found some people beyond the wall and put them behind the bars. It is revealed that the Brotherhood Without Banners and Sandor Clegane are here to fight the Army of the Dead as well. Together, they all set foot to find the army and bring back proof for the world to believe. And this is how you set stage for the second last episode of a GOT season.

Eastwatch Review

And if you thought it couldn’t get better, here’s the preview for the sixth episode:

Winter is here.

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