Take A Day Off

How To Take A Day Off

Hey, don’t you for one second think that you’re alone is absolutely hating this week. There are a lot of us, screaming from the inside, looking for a break from our jobs and spending the day at a serene beach. We can hear the beautiful waves in our heads already, calling them to us, like a patient lover. Why don’t you listen to them for once and take a day off to explore the wilderness? Here are some excuses you can use to take a day off –

1. Family emergency
This one excuse works all the time. There’s not a lot to explain here. Just pack your bags, make the worried/sad face and hop away to freedom. Nobody would even call you as they would think you’re busy attending to your family’s needs. Works like a charm, all the time.

Take A Day Off

2. Sick leave
Everyone is allowed to take sick leaves. And you are really sick of working all the time, pretending to like everyone, showing up in the morning every day when you really have no interest. Just call up and say that you’re sick, and you can take a day off to chill.

Take A Day Off

3. Fake accident
You have lied quite a few times. What is really the problem in lying one more day? Plaster up your leg real nice, take a picture and send it to your boss. You can’t really show up to work like that now, can you? They wouldn’t even insist you to work from home.

Take A Day Off

4. Act disinterested
Show up to work like every day. In fact, show up earlier than you can. Try hard to concentrate on, or rather, pretend that you’re really trying hard to work. But don’t do anything. Make it clear that you’re doing your best but you can’t be productive today. And you’ll be sent home.

Take A Day Off

5. Just cry
Crying always works. Whether it’s for getting what you want or making people believe that you need a break, it is always effective. Call up your boss the night before and just cry saying you really need a day off. And voila, you have a day to chill doing things that you love.

Take A Day Off

Thank us later.

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