When You Are Drunk

Things That Happen When You Are Drunk

Being drunk isn’t that much fun when you are the one who’s roaming around on the streets like an idiot. It always seems like a great idea, a great way of letting out your feelings, but what happens after that isn’t what people should see. A series of events that would come back to haunt you for the rest of your life is what being drunk ends up in. It’s a trap you fall for every time and still don’t learn anything. Here are the things that happens when you are drunk –

1. (Not) dancing sensation
You know how when you are drunk, dancing seems like a great idea? yeah, you need to stop believing that. There have been way too many videos of yours on YouTube to prove that getting drunk doesn’t really make you a tough competitor of Michael Jackson, when all it does is make you look like a lunatic who doesn’t really want to have friends in life. No matter how much you believe that dancing after getting drunk is going to make you a stud, do not believe it even for a second.

When You Are Drunk

2. Drunk dialing
We’ve all had relationships that didn’t work out and people who didn’t like us back. Sober you knows that pretty well. Sober you knows that nothing good is going to come out of texting/calling the ones that got away and it’s best for the both of you is to stay the hell away from each other. Sober you is smart, practical and right. But drunk you, nope. That guy has no chill in life. It’s sole purpose is to make you feel miserable than you already do. So it drunk dials every person with whom you have had a history to make your life complicated than it already is.

When You Are Drunk

3. Zoning in and out
Being drunk makes you a part of all conversations and also not a part of all conversations. When you’re sober, you’re fully aware of all the things happening around you. But drunk you is the kind of person who just hears things half and interprets something completely different. Drunk you stares at people when they talk, zoning out on their faces looking like a complete idiot. Then it comes back to life to zone out from the conversation again. This cycle continues till you either pass out or are slapped by someone.

When You Are Drunk

4. Lots of tears
If you haven’t cried after being drunk, you haven’t really been that drunk at all. Being drunk involves a lot of fluids, the most important one being tears. The purpose of being drunk is to say things you wouldn’t say when sober and feel things you wouldn’t care about when sober. And once you start feeling, it’s riverbeds flowing out of your eyes. If you have friends who are ready to listen to your sorrows without judging you, you’re in a great place. If not, wiping those tears and getting more drunk is your only option.

When You Are Drunk

5. Disappointing decisions
Being drunk makes you stupid. There’s not a single decision that you make after being drunk that will make you proud of being yourself. From taking consecutive shots to dancing on the cheesiest Bollywood song ever, being drunk completely blocks your brain from functioning so that you can make the most stupid decisions of your life in a span of four hours. These decisions are immediately regretted when you wake up the next morning, but now, it’s too late. Good luck cleaning that mess up.

When You Are Drunk

Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t get drunk.

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