Surrounded With Stupid People

What To Do When You’re Surrounded With Stupid People

Stupidity is boundless. The moment you step out of your house, there’s stupidity ready to greet you with open arms. And this isn’t a problem when you’re stupid. It becomes a problem when you’re not. Being in the company of such people not only is intellectually hazardous, but also turns you into one of them with time. But don’t you worry. Here’s what to do when you’re surrounded with stupid people –

1. Always carry a shield sort of thing with you so that whenever you see someone stupid approaching you, you can point it at them showing how you really do not want them to talk to you.

2. Make sure you look like a weirdo, even from the standard of stupid people so that they themselves stay a hundred yards away from your without disturbing your thought process.

3. The moment you step out of your house, make sure you have all the tools to tackle stupidity all day. Earphones and sunglasses are just two of the many tools you can use to avoid people.

4. Your phone is serves more purposes than you think it does. Not only does it have a great camera, it has a lot of storage so you can install many apps and not lift your head up even for a second.

5. You should work on developing your humour and sarcasm. There’s not a better way of handling stupid people than pointing out that they’re stupid without making them realize what you did.

6. Always have that angry/rude expression on your face like you are part of some gangster organization. Make it seem like you would kill anyone who even comes near you. Fear always works.

7. Always have the most twisted things to say about the world. Whenever some stupid person talks to you, confuse them with weird facts and things that is beyond their comprehension.

8. You could isolate yourself to an island that has zero inhabitants and all the luxury in the world. Of course, that would take a lot of money but it could be your goal in life, and you’d work hard for it.

9. Every time someone stupid approaches you, play dead. Don’t move a bit. Do the best acting of your life and save yourself from stupid conversations that make you feel you should have actually been dead.

10. Keep finding someone like you who is allergic to stupidity just as much as you do. If you find one, never leave them as it becomes twice as more fun to deal with stupidity.

Stupidity is contagious. 

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