How To Get Fired In Two Days

How To Get Fired In Two Days

We all have those days where we want to give up on the norms of this society and just go away. Money or no money, we just want to go away from these rules and regulations and take a break from everything. However, that’s not easy. You can’t deliberately do poor work because you may be lazy, but you’re a pro at what you do. You could do one thing however. Get fired on purpose and then take that break you need. To provide you with a crash course on how to get fired in two days, here are certain pointers –

1. Go to work late purposely. And not just 5 minutes late, like an hour or two hour late. If your boss asks, just shrug your shoulders.
2. Fill your system/laptop screen with many post its and sit back. If you boss asks why you have been chilling, just point at the screen.
3. Start a paper fight at your workplace. Nobody can resist a paper fight for long. Take it to such a stage that the place looks like a fish market.
4. Play rap songs on loud speakers at your workplace. When your boss comes to shut it off, start dancing and pull his hands to join you.
5. Show up dressed as if it’s halloween, even if it’s not. Scare the shit out of everyone, especially your boss. Catch him off guard.
6. Bring cricket bat and ball to work. Just when you see your boss approaching with a new brief, announce that you’re organizing a cricket competition.
7. Distribute Baahubali 2 on pen drive to everyone. Make them watch it again at work and hold Q and A session for clearing queries about the movie.
8. Spread a rumour that the next day will be an off. Tell everyone at your workplace and make sure no one asks the boss and doesn’t come the other day.
9. Call in sick and update keep updating check ins the whole day on Facebook. Show your boss how you were lying about being sick.
10. Every time your boss asks you how’s it going with respect to the new assignment, just dab or give him a fist bump. Don’t give him any kind of verbal answer.

And just like that, you’ve pissed off your boss enough to fire you. Congratulations.

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