Difference between PGs/Hostels/Coliving Spaces

Finding a flat is a task but finding a HOME where you will be creating lifetime memories is more challenging. We know, it takes a lot of hard work to find a perfect home that suits your needs and budget. 

You may feel completely lost and confused at first, from one broker to other…from one local PG to another local hostel… It will all become hectic. But don’t worry in this blog we are here to help you out and make your task much easier. 

We obviously understand that nobody likes to pack and unpack their stuff multiple times…hence we will help you choose the best option among all so that you will not have to keep shifting to other places within months. 

First, you need to decide whether you would be staying in a hostel or a PG or a coliving space!! But before deciding that you need to understand the basic differences between all of them. So let us help you all out 😉

What is PG?

In paying guest accommodation you pay a fixed amount to live at the property owned by someone else. You can just sit and relax cause you don’t have to take any responsibilities of an owner. 

You may choose to stay in a private room or you can also share your room with other roommates. 

There is a wide variety of facilities being offered in a PG though the facilities being offered depend on owner to owner. Some PG owners may provide food and some may not. You need to differentiate 4 to 5 PGs and choose the best among all. 

Generally, the cost of electricity, housekeeping, and water are included in the PG rent. 

Benefits of PG –

1. Finding a PG is an easy task as gazillion local PG accommodations are available nearby commercial hubs or colleges/universities. 

2. It is the best option if you are someone who wants a personal space but doesn’t want to dish out high rental prices for flats. 

3. PG accommodations provide great benefits to individuals such as electricity bills, water bills, housekeeping etc. 

4. PGs are quite affordable and give maximum value for money 

Drawbacks of PG – 

1. You will have to sign a long-term agreement if you choose to opt for a PG. It will be a minimum of 11 months. So beware!!

2. Some PG owners do not provide food facilities. 

3. Some Local PG ads may be misleading showing fake conditions of the PG. So you have to make sure you check everything before moving in.

4. Sometimes electricity cost is not included in the rent. So it will be hard on those pockets who like to chill in AC all day and who leave the geyser on. 

What is Hostel accommodation?

This type of accommodation is the most affordable among all where individuals live with several other roommates. In a hostel, you have to share all the common amenities such as a kitchen, common area, washroom etc with others. 

The hostel owners usually provide cleaning/housekeeping and food in their packages. The only major drawback of hostels is that they have strict time restrictions which may not suit all. Also, you will have to watch your volume when you are listening to music or even talking as there are many others living under the same roof. 

Hostel accommodations are most suitable for college students who want to live with like-minded people and have a tight budget. 

Benefits of Hostel accommodations – 

1. One major benefit of a hostel has to be its cheap rates. One can easily afford to stay in a hostel rather than rent an apartment. 

2. Hostels usually have a high level of security such as CCTV cameras and 24*7 security guards which becomes safe for all. Many hostels have biometrics access so if you are an outsider you will have to show your ID proofs. 

3. You get a sense of belonging if you choose to stay in a hostel and you will never feel alone as you will always be surrounded by a lot of people 

4. You will not have to deal with nagging landlords or flat brokers so kudos 

Drawbacks of hostel accommodation – 

1. Hostels can be a mess sometimes. Poor hygiene may lead to odour plus sometimes you will have to share your room with not only roommates but bugs, cockroaches or sometimes even big fat rats!!!

2. Hostel accommodations do not have the option to pay the heavy deposit in instalments. You will have to pay the deposit all at once. 

3. Hostels have strict restrictions. You will have to follow a strict time schedule and you may not get to enter the hostel post-curfew. 

4. Sometimes you may come across troublesome roommates and getting along with them will get difficult. And let me tell you, it will be too noisy and it will get difficult at times to focus on studies or work. 

What is Coliving?

Coliving gives you a unique experience of living by giving advantages of all in one. It’s a modern form of housing where businesses rent out the entire apartment to residents. You will get to share the apartment with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds. 

The major difference between Coliving and other accommodation types is that they provide modern infrastructure. You also get all the top modern amenities from Free high-speed WiFi to Daily housekeeping. The concept of Coliving is gaining traction majorly in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. 

Coliving brands also provide common spaces where you get to involve in many community activities so don’t worry you will never feel alone or left out 😉

Benefits of Coliving – 

1. This type of accommodation provides A to Z modern amenities so you literally have to sit back and relax. Cause the coliving brand will be managing everything on your behalf. 

2. You will get to involve in multiple community-driven events which are absolutely free. So coliving is basically a fun experience cause you get to interact with people from different backgrounds.

3. Coliving is managed by businesses who want to give their best services so you will be getting a professionally managed home with quality services.

4. No long-term agreements are involved!!! Yes, you heard me right. You can leave anytime you want as there is no prior commitment involved. Some co-living brands may ask you to serve one month’s notice period before vacating the property but it’s obviously better than signing a long-term agreement right?

5. There is a high level of security so relax cause you will be in safe hands. 

Drawbacks of Coliving –

1. Sometimes during community events it may get noisy even though they are preplanned.

2. If you are an introvert who feels socially awkward, you may feel like your privacy is getting disturbed. At first, you will feel uncomfortable but you will soon get used to it once you start socializing. 

Why Coliving spaces are better than PG and Hostel?

Who likes curfews? Obviously NOBODY!!! PG and Hostels both have strict time restrictions that everyone must follow. But instead, if you choose to opt for coliving spaces, you will not have to follow a strict time schedule. It is going to make your life much easier. 

Cause nobody like that one person at a party who says “chal yaar mujhe late ho raha hai…curfew time cross hojayega” 😉

Signing a long-term agreement is a huge commitment that most of us are scared of. Hostel and PG accommodations will make you sign minimum 11 months agreement so no matter what happens you will have to pay the 11 months’ rent even if you vacate your space. With coliving, you need not have to worry about it all as there will be no lock-in period involved 😉  Isn’t it the best??

Security is better at Coliving accommodations as business professionals handle coliving spaces and they make sure they manage it using high-end technologies.

Some Coliving spaces also arrange community events where you get to engage with people from different backgrounds. It’s great for networking and you also get to make some new friends. 


1. Are Coliving spaces a good option? 

– Yes! Coliving is the best option among all as everything is managed professionally. You will be getting top-notch amenities from free high-speed WiFi to daily housekeeping. Plus all the apartments are fully furnished and have a fully functional kitchens. 

2. Are Coliving spaces expensive?

– They are not that expensive considering the amenities they provide. Plus you will be also getting a quality life in coliving spaces. Hostel and PG accommodations are cheap but it’s a mess and who likes to stay in a mess with bed bugs and cockroaches?

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