Basic lingos you should know when you move to Mumbai

We understand the problems of settling down in a new place, especially in a city like Mumbai where people from different backgrounds migrate on a daily basis. 

Knowing some basic lingos is a must if you want to settle down smoothly in this city. It will help you interact with locals easily. Though some Mumbai lingos may startle outsiders but don’t worry, we are here to help you blend smoothly. 

Below we have rounded up a list of commonly used lingos heard around the city.

1. Pandu/Mamu –

It’s a universally accepted word in and around Mumbai used for Jr. constables (not an officer) especially to mock them behind their backs! They are usually at the traffic signals. Don’t be surprised if you are about to break a traffic signal and someone warns you “Aage Pandu khada hai”

Example – That Pandu caught me today at the traffic signal!!

2. Fattu –

Meaning coward, this is a provocative word. This commonly used word in Mumbai is referred to a scared person. This word is used as a trick to get anybody to do something dicey. There’s about a 90% chance that it will work. 😉

Example – What a fattu, you couldn’t even ask for her number!!

3. Jhakass/Zakass – 

Meaning something superb or awesome is a Marathi slang word. However, Bollywood’s famous actor Anil Kapoor used this word in a movie called Yudh and this word soon became a frequently used part of Mumbai’s lingo. Though Jhakass is not used by sophisticated people. To add more elements and feel to this word, one should add ekdam (total/complete) before it. Ekdam Jhakasss!!! 

Example – That movie was total Jhakass!!

4. Faadu – 

Faadu is a term of amusement similar in meaning to awesome, superb, or excellent. It can be used as an alternative to Jhakass. It’s a tapori word of Mumbai. 

Example – “Kya faadu kapde milte hai wo shop me” (that shop has some awesome clothes)

5. Boss – 

Don’t be surprised if some random dude calls you boss on the streets. Boss is not just a term that you use to acknowledge your superior. In Mumbai, Boss is used to address a stranger. Rather than a term of respect or such, it is used interchangeably with ‘dude.’

Example – “Boss ek vadapaw dena?” (excuse me, can I get a Vadapaw)

6. Shana/Shane – 

Shana is a Marathi slang word used to describe someone who is over-smart. It is often used for guys who seek attention by doing unusual stuff. 

Example – “Chal aye jyada shana mat ban” (don’t act over smart)

7. Bhidu – 

It’s the Bombay version of the word Dude. Bhidu is considered as a tapori language in Mumbai. This word is commonly used by people living in slum area. 

Example – “Kya bhidu, kidhar jaa raha hai?” (hey dude, where you going)

8. Cutting Chai – 

Cutting Chai ??means a small portion of tea or, more specifically, half the usual serving of chai given by the tea vendor. In Mumbai, if you ask for cutting chai, you get a half-filled glass instead of one filled to the rim. You will rarely find someone saying “ek glass chai dena” cause Mumbaikars use the word Cutting Chai 😉

Example – “Bhaiyya ek Cutting chai dena” (Can i get a cup of tea?)

9. Yaar/Ya –

Meaning friend, yaar is a recurring slang term that’s used in casual social interactions between friends and sometimes even strangers who may be shopkeepers or autorickshaw drivers. The word Ya is mostly used by SoBo (South Mumbai) people. 

Example – “Stop irritating me Ya”

“Yaar kitna hectic din tha aaj” (Today was a hectic day bro)

10. Waat lag gayi –

This phrase is commonly used in Mumbai which roughly means ‘to get screwed.’ Outsiders are still sometimes stunned to hear Mumbaikars use it in real life.

Example – “Bhai exam me kya waat lag gayi” (Bro I got screwed in exams)

Above we have listed some of the most used slang words in Mumbai which will help your life a little bit easier if you are a newcomer. 

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