Handle Drunk Best Friends

How To Handle Drunk Best Friends

Honestly, if you don’t believe that going out every weekend with your best friends for a couple of drinks is therapy, you’re doing it wrong. Everyone has stressful weeks. Everyone has their fair share of annoying people who they can only discuss with their best friends.

A couple of drinks mostly turn into drinking out of the bottle, and your best friend often getting black-out drunk. You should always be prepared when that happens. You should know how to handle drunk best friends, it is one of your duties as a best friend. Here’s your guide on how to handle drunk best friends –

1. Cry with them

There are three kinds of drunk people. First, come those who laugh a lot when drunk. Second, are those who have no emotions at all. And the last are those who cry a lot. Many people belong to the last category. If your best friend is a crier, you should cry with them and vent out all that you both feel inside. It’s good.

Handle Drunk Best Friends

2. Build up their confidence

When your best friend is drunk, tell them how they are capable of doing so many things. Whether it’s their result they’re worried about or the job that challenges them, always build their confidence. When they’re drunk, they will talk about it. Even if they don’t, let them know how you think they’re going to nail it.

Handle Drunk Best Friends

3. Do embarrassing things with them

Your drunk best friend may ask you to jump on the street and shout at the top of your voice, among some of the weirdest things possible. Instead of telling them to shut up, do all kinds of embarrassing things with them even if you’re sober. It’s going to be your best memories with them. Be weird with them.

Handle Drunk Best Friends

4. Do everything they ask you to

Drunk people ask you to do all kinds of things. Like they might ask you to get McDonald’s for them even if it is three in the night. Drive them to some burger place and go out of your way to make them feel happy. If you want to see how cute and grateful your friend is, just do everything they ask you to.

Handle Drunk Best Friends

5. Tell them they’re beautiful

Drunk or not drunk, you should always tell your friends that they’re beautiful human beings who deserve love. Make sure you let your friends know how much you value them. Let them know they’re going to make it big one day and how you’re going to be happy for them. Friendship is all about encouragement and love.

Handle Drunk Best Friends

Hey all you drunk people, you’re beautiful!

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