Why Superman Is The Best Superhero

To be honest, every day should be celebrated as Superman Day. Where else can you find such an able, muscular, God-like, amazing and beautiful superhero? DC Comics blessed the world with a superhero that not only stole hearts but inspired people to be good, to be better versions of themselves.

He is such a great character because he’s not just a strong guy in a cape, there is more to his character than that. Virtue, kindness, humility, and goodness of heart are just some of the qualities that make Superman the best superhero in the DC universe –

1. No sidekicks

Superman is a one-man army. He doesn’t need anyone in his mission of wiping off evil from the world. He’s capable all by himself to plan and execute everything on his own. Other heroes depend on many things to be heroes. But Superman, no, he only needs himself and his superpowers to solve all the problems.


2. Not a show-off

Superman is not like other heroes who like to show off about their superpowers. Although he has every right to be cocky about it, he chooses to stay humble. Superman is like the dads of every family, who silently like to do their jobs without making too much fuss. The world already has too many show-offs.


3. Sacrificing

A superhero isn’t just someone who has superpowers. They are heroes who would sacrifice themselves without blinking twice. He died for the earth, making the biggest sacrifice anyone can imagine. If you need any more reason as what makes him the best superhero out there, you don’t know what dying means.


4. A public hero

Superman isn’t just a hero headlining the comics with billions of dollars in his bank account, he’s the hero of his people. They look up to him, feel inspired by him and want to be like him. Anyone can be a superhero but it takes only a few, courageous and deserving ones to be the hero in everyone’s eye.


5. Amazing powers

The list of Superman’s amazing powers is endless. He’s got super strength, super speed, invulnerability, enhanced vision, super breath, stamina, super hypnotism, mental powers and healing powers, just to name a few. The list of Superman’s abilities is endless, which makes him the best superhero out there.


Happy Superman Day!

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