Problems Millennials Face

The Millennial Guide to Conquering Common Challenges

Let’s face it, life is a lot harder than it used to be a few decades ago. The millennials, born mid-90s and further, have been a witness to the massive changes in the society, science, technology, language, and more. Not only have they adapted to these changes, but also embraced them. Obviously, we millennials have our own set of issues to deal with. Here are some problems millennials face –

1. Money vs Education
In this fast-paced world where money is growing in importance, it becomes difficult to choose between knowledge and earning. “Should I start earning as soon as I finish graduation or start my professional career after completing education” is a decision we have all had to make at a certain point in life. But don’t you worry, whatever you choose is going to treat you well.

Problems Millennials Face

2. Society
Millenials know exactly how it feels to grow in two completely different societies. Growing up, we were all a part of a society that was still adapting to the new ways of the world.  But now that we are grown-ups ourselves, not only have we adapted but also played a role in bringing about that change. Today’s society is different than what we grew up in.

Problems Millennials Face

3. Acceptance
With so many categories and classifications, we millennials struggle with acceptance. We want to be a part of a group, due to our needs as a human being. But also, we’re confused as to what we should associate ourselves with. We’re all looking for belongingness, but seldom have no idea where to go to. We don’t do well with elders, we don’t do well with youngsters, we don’t do well with people our age too.

Problems Millennials Face

4. Socializing
It’s tough for us to sit in one place and not do anything. We’ve seen our parents do that for years but we still can’t get our heads around that. Every week, we wait for the weekend, not to relax but to party or chill alone. We don’t want to be alone but we still choose silence and quiet over everything. This paradox is what we’re all living our lives with.

Problems Millennials Face5. Identity crisis
We’re all trying to figure out who we are. Are we the people who party away the night with strangers we don’t even know? Or are we the ones who like to sit in front of their laptops and binge watch TV shows all night? There are two personalities living in all of us and sometimes, we don’t understand who we really are.

Problems Millennials Face

You are not alone, mate.

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