Basic lingos you should know when you move to Pune

Lai Bhari’, ‘Kadakk’, ‘Maaz’; felt like you’re in Pune already? Nothing beats the local lingo of Pune when it comes to dry humour laced with sarcasm. 

You cannot become a Punekar cause you are born one. Punekars are majorly known for their ‘Maaz’ (Pride)…it’s innate. One cannot develop it. Short Temper and Exceedingly obsessive pride about Pune, are a few common traits of a true Punekar. 

Below are a few Puneri phrases that you need to know, in case you’re new in town to avoid major FOMO.

1. Barrr 

It is a humble way of telling your friend to keep his/her mouth shut by simply saying barrr. Next time you need someone to stop rambling or even bragging about things that you know aren’t true, just say barrr.

Example – 

Person 1 – “Arey you know what?? Blah blah blah blah…..”

Punekar – Barrr

2. Hawaa 

Kasli Hawaaa” is a Puneri version of saying “what a show-off”. So now you know what to say when your friend buys the latest iPhone or goes to Starbucks and keeps talking about it. 

Example – “He finally went out on a date with her…ata hawaa kartoy” (now he is showing off)

3. Lai Bhari – 

‘Simply Awesome’, is the literal meaning of Lai Bhari. A famous Marathi movie also gets its name from this favourite slang. If you ever want to compliment a true blue Punekar, just use Lai Bhari and you’re good to go!

Example – “Lai bhari distoys aaj” (You are looking awesome today)

4. TTMM –

It is a super common term amongst Punekars. ‘Tujha Tu Majha Mi’ means you pay yours, I’ll pay mine. It is the most used phrase by college-goers as college students are almost always broke. 

Example – 

Person 1 – “Let’s go to a cafe post-college”

Person 2 – “Sure, but on one condition…TTMM”

5. Dokyala Shot –

It is used to describe a person or event you don’t like or find super irritating! Don’t like the guy your bestie is dating? Don’t like your boss? Just say dokyala shot 

Example –

Boss calling on the weekend*

“Kay dokyala shot ahe bey” (He is so irritating)

6. Vaadhiv – 

Just one Puneri word for so many English equivalents! Superb, amazing, awesome, great; all of these words are used to convey the same emotion, awesomeness i.e Vaadhiv

Example – “Vaadhiv chaha ahe!!” (Tea is awesome)

7. Matter Zalay –

Meaning someone is in trouble or there is a big problem. Got caught during exams while copying? This situation is exactly where you can use “matter zalay”

Example – “matter zalay…aai la mazya bag madhe lighter sampla!!”

(My mom found a lighter in my bag…I am screwed)

8. Aawraa –

Aawraa is used when someone you’re talking to is exaggerating something or is hard to believe. Although exaggerations are a part of daily Punekari lingo, you’ll hear aawraaa being said by every other Punekar.

Example –  

Person 1 – I met SRK today!!!

Punekar – Aawraaaa

9. Dokyat jau nakos – 

This phrase is used when someone irritates the sh*t out of you. And being a Punekar, how can you let it slide? Dokyat jau nakos is an easy way to tell someone to stop irritating you. 

Example – 

Person 1 keeps pinching you*

Punekar – “Dokyat jau nakos rey” (stop irritating dude)

10. Aai chi jay –

This exclamation literally means Hail Oh Mother! An expression to display the emotion of shock or surprise. 

Example – 

Person 1 – “Bhawa me abhyas na karta pass zalo” (Bro I got good marks without studying)

Punekar – Aai chi jay!!!

Above are just a few of the majorly known lingos that Punekars use. Puneri Lingo is a bit difficult to understand for outsiders but give yourself some time you will surely get used to it. 

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