Signs That You Are The Bad Influence In Your Squad

Remember those innocent days when your favourite F word used to be Friday? Yeah, those were the days. Friday is still one of your favourite F words, but maybe 2nd. There’s been a lot of changes in you ever since, and you’ve always believed in imparting knowledge rather than keeping it to yourself. You’ve learned everything you know from some people, and you share that knowledge with your friends, without knowing. Following are the signs that you are the bad influence in your squad –

1. They’ve all turned into dirty minded pricks, a drastic change from what they used to be when you first met them. All this change is after spending some years in your company.
2. Around you, they’re always sitting like disciples, behaving like they’re learning new things from you constantly. You feel like a very important person around them.
3. Whenever you say a new word, within two or three days, one of your friends start repeating it all the time. They follow all your mannerisms, slangs, abuses and actions.
4. You’ve had to explain your friends the meaning of wacky things you said because they were innocent people before they met you.
5. You see fragments of your personality split in your friends. They basically carry pieces of you, like a horcrux. When you mix them all together, they become one entity that is you.
6. Your whole squad has become a mean bitch like you and you can notice the change because they weren’t like this when you first met them. All these changes are after meeting you.
7. Even the most innocent one out of all of them has turned into a wild child after spending time with you. Sometimes you miss their innocent self but you don’t care too much.
8. Whenever you see one of your friends talking like you, you feel pride within yourself, like they were your pupil and they’ve filled in your shoes of badassery pretty well.
9. Every two statements, your friends throw in some dirty joke or slang like you, which is quite different from what they used to be when you met them for the first time.
10. Together, you all walk like you own the damn place. Somehow, you always look like you’re in the lead, with these pack of minions who will follow your commands and do as you say.

Congratulations, Alpha you.

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