Demands For Purpose World Tour India

Justin Bieber’s Demands For Purpose World Tour India

On 10th May, one of the biggest pop sensations in the world is set to come to India. The Purpose World Tour India will be held at D Y Patil Stadium in Mumbai. The ticket prices for this were as high as INR 75,000. Just a week to go for Bieber to be here and we know it’s more of a vacation than music tour. There’s a list of crazy things Justin Bieber would need as soon as he sets foot in India, and it is indeed crazy. Following are some of Bieber’s demands for Purpose World Tour India –

Demands For Purpose World Tour India

1. A Rolls Royce will be brought especially for him to take him from the airport to the hotel. Yes, you read that right.

2. Bieber will be entering the stadium in a chopper, which is a first for any international artist performing in India.

3. He has requested a Jacuzzi backstage on 10th May. Why would Bieber want to bathe backstage is the real question here.

4. Basic requirements include a ping pong table, sofa set, playstation, hoverboard, massage table, among others. Basic requirements? Really?

5. Dishes will be named after his popular songs with a luxurious gourmet cuisine. We wonder what’s up with this renaming.

6. The hotels will be redesigned with Moghul paintings, antique furniture and Kashmiri bedroom linen, decorated with purple carnations.

7. There will be a special Indian Yoga Casket that will have aromatic essential oils, incense sticks and books of chakras, and asanas.

8. A licensed masseuse will be flown in from Kerala to be at Bieber’s service on all four days of his stay in India.

9. He’ll be given rooms in the quietest part of the hotel with only king size beds and 24 hour fitness centre.

10. Bieber’s crew will have the luxuries of movie theatre, bowling alley, casinos, night clubs and recording studios.

This is an entire list of Bieber’s demands for the Purpose World Tour India –

Demands For Purpose World Tour India

Wait, there’s more.

Demands For Purpose World Tour IndiaThere’s nothing to say, really.

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