Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

Planning A Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Summer is upon us. For people living in Mumbai, you know what the deal is. Sweat, heat and boredom is going to get to all of us. But, there’s a cure. All you need for having a blast this summer is a getaway with your friends. To get there however, you need to plan it out. Here’s how you should be planning a perfect summer getaway with your friends –

1. Decide the dates
The first step to planning a getaway is obviously deciding when you are going to be free. Mark the dates on the calendar, taking into consideration for how long this getaway is going to be and whether you’ll get leaves or not. When you are taking the initiative, you need to decide when is the trip going to happen tentatively so you can tell your friends about it.

Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

2. Coordinate with your squad
Once you have decided the dates, discuss the plan with your squad. Everyone is dying to leave the town ASAP and just want someone to ask them. Be the good friend and take the initiative. Coordinate with everyone to decide a week when you all can be free together. That week becomes your tentative dates for the Summer getaway that awaits you.

Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

3. Decide a place
Now that you have decided the dates, it’s time to get to the bigger picture. You need to start looking for places to go according to your schedule. If it’s for more than 4 days, you can plan for a getaway outside the state, some place cooler. If your getaway has a short span, you can select a hill station in your own state where conditions are better than your city.

Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

4. Prep for your vacay
Once you all have decided the time and place, it’s time to make arrangements. Summer isn’t going to last forever. You need to book the tickets, decide the mode of travel and plan the itinerary. All this has to be with a lot of planning and coordination, taking into consideration your place of stay, time span and everyone’s budget. This requires time.

Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

5. Pack your bags and leave
Once you all have sorted everything and planned it all, it’s time to pack your bags and leave. It is time to take a break from all the stress in life and Summer. It’s time to have fun with the people you love the most. Get everything that you might need on the Summer trip, buy cool clothes and just leave to have a blast with your squad this Summer season.

Perfect Summer Getaway With Your Friends

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