Every Girls Night In

What Every Girls Night In Is Like

Girls night in are the best. There’s nothing that can cure stress better than a night with your girls. People think a lot happens on nights like this when girls get together, but it’s really not what they think it is. We don’t pillow fight or bitch about our exes (yes we do). There’s more to a girl’s night in than you think. This is what every girls night in is like –

1. Gossip
Yes, we gossip. A lot. There’s too many things and people we know and like to talk about when we get together. Our gossips are strictly confidential and only meant for entertainment purposes. Gossip is the thing that gets us going. Without gossip, there’s no successful girls night in.

2. Wine
You know what goes best with gossip? A bottle of wine. We’re all judgmental in nature by default. Gossip sounds even better when there’s a bottle of red wine that we’re all sharing. And not just a bottle, many bottles. Not only gossip, everything else looks better with a glass of wine in hand.

3. Dancing
Around guys we all have to maintain our poise and elegance (not true, we’re hooligans anyway). But around girls, there’s nobody judging the other because we know everyone is crazy. From dancing like a monkey to dancing like a stripper, we have many stages of breaking a leg.

4. Mutual Upliftment
Girls night in is all about showering compliments on each other and collective uplifting each other. We all have those self-doubt kind of days. We all think we’re not good enough. But after one girls night in, the next day we turn into goddesses with no regrets. That’s called mutual upliftment.

5. Nostalgia
A girl-to-girl relationship takes years to form, and once it’s done, they have many stories and events that they share together. A girls night in is all about remembering all these crazy moments that we all shared together and talking about them like it only happened yesterday.

Girl power.

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