How to make “work from home” more productive

It is no doubt that WFH has now emerged as the new normal in almost every profession. While some companies have taken it up as a temporary solution in purview of COVID, others are planning to extend this practice permanently in the coming years. Professionals all over the world are cursing the days they wished to stay in their beds and not go to work. Every day feels like the kind of weekend when you stay at home but neck deep in your work.

None the less, there is only one way to make it work and that is to keep yourself motivated and real productive to yield results in its complete capacity.

Here are some tips which you can team up with some motivation and optimism to ace while working from home:

  • Permanent Work Space
    Look around your house for a perfect corner with proper ventilation, sufficient space and a little seclusion from the rest of the house to ensure no disturbance. Establish this as your permanent work space so that you don’t have to go through the troubles of adapting yourself to a new space every day.
    It also saves time by avoiding a daily set-up.
  • Reliable Technology
    Make sure you are equipped with all the tech you need beforehand. One of the biggest disadvantages of WFH is working with limited technology. So, invest in some reliable tech like Wi-Fi connection with good bandwidth, noise cancellation headphones, extended RAM so that your system doesn’t crash while working with intensive software, etc.
    This might require a few extra bucks but it is worth the investment because nothing makes WFH more frustrating than working with run-down technology.
  • Plan Ahead
    It has been a common observation among various professionals, that WFH can be more rigorous. To avoid being overwhelmed by the work load and managing your house and yourself, plan ahead. Make a plan the night before the next day to make efficient use of your set work hours and to get more things done. One way to do this is preparing a to-do list every day.
  • Project Management Apps
    To-do lists sounding a little mundane? Project Management App is just the thing for you. Asana, Scoro, Hubstaff Tasks are some of the Project Management Apps that help you organize, track and manage your tasks. Like always, technology making our lives much easier!
  • Set Real Work Hours
    One obvious way to “make yourself at work” is to have work alike routine. Try to set up a morning routine with your usual work hours to maintain the rhythm and in turn, productivity. While doing so, also take into account the home errands you are needed to take care of and the time period you are most productive in.
  • Reward Yourself!
    Incentivize your work with a reward system. Split your work into small tasks and reward yourself with a small prize like a chocolate cube or a 5-minute break after completion of each task. It is like playing tricks with your brain to keep it working, but hey, whatever keeps us going right?
  • Short Breaks
    Working long hours at a stretch isn’t something endorsed even by full time offices. So why apply it at home? Give yourselves some short breaks for a quick snack or a short walk to rejuvenate yourself. It is very important to maintain your efficiency and keeping yourself sane!
  • Communicate
    WFH does not in any way mean isolating yourself. Healthy communication is the key. Be in loop with your co-workers regularly to keep yourself notified for daily developments. Also communicate with your friends and family to keep up the positivity in your daily routine.
  • Eat Healthy
    It’s a known fact that heavy meals make you feel drowsy. Sitting all day at home, that too with a heavy stomach can make working so much more uncomfortable. Make sure your meals are light and healthy so that you don’t feel run down but also have the energy to keep up with the day.
  • Avoid Overlapping
    Maintaining a work-life balance is as important during WFH as it is during a full-time office. Schedule ahead to avoid overlapping while your work and personal errands. And always remember that ensuring a devoted time to self and family is as important as your work.

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