Away from home

Why life is hard away from home?

Staying away from home isn’t a piece of cake. Doing everything on your own, other than your work is not only difficult, but tiring as well. Coming back and making decisions about what to eat is also a job. Back at home, where life was sorted and easy, becomes equally challenging, because there can be only one place, where life isn’t complicated, and that is home.  


1. What to eat?

At home, our mothers take care of everything we eat. We don’t have to give a single thought to “aaj khaana kya khaun”. But when you live away from home, this becomes the biggest problem. Sometimes you make food yourself, sometimes you order from outside. It does fill your stomach, but it doesn’t satisfy your taste buds and you keep feeling hungry. As the saying goes, “khana ho toh ghar jaisa”, nothing can compare to food at home.


2. Nothing like home

Whatever our reason may be for working somewhere away from home, it’s not strong enough to make us feel comfortable. Real comfort is at home, a place where we can do whatever it is that we want to. You may live in a good apartment, but it doesn’t feel like home at all, something doesn’t seem right.


3. Family comes first

No matter how much you love your work, family is something that you miss everyday. especially when you’re working away from home, that constant need of being with your family just does not go away. Although there are those times you wish for a life away from your loved ones, you tend to get emotional when you actually do. We choose to be away from our family due to lack of opportunities or less exposure, otherwise family is something we would never want to sacrifice for work.


4. All work, no play

In cities, life is so fast and hectic, you don’t get time for yourself. There’s intense work pressure, competition and the need to survive that obstructs even a little time for oneself. And that, sucks. Fun with family and friends is not applicable here because you’re already stuck in the “keep walking” environment that cities have to offer. That little time you used to get around with family and friends back at home is missed.


5. Mommy knows best

We may not tell her very often, but we love our moms and feel useless without her. Back at home, she takes care of all our needs, and when we are away from home, we miss her the most. We all may envy our friends who don’t have to constantly tell their moms where they are, but it just does not seem right when she did not call the whole day.


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