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5 reasons why living alone in cities is difficult!


A big adverse effect of living alone is that the person starts feeling lonely with the passage of time. It may seem liberating in the start but it turns out depressing later. Imagine living in a house, all alone, every day, surrounded by materialistic pleasure.

Scary, isn’t it? You may have your friends and colleagues but coming home to an empty house is not what you expect, and it’s not even easy.

Living Alone



Working the whole day, everyone wants to have a little fun. Now when you live with roommates, something or the other always comes up. Sudden plans, or even gossiping is entertaining.

But when you live alone, you don’t get this opportunity. You may have friends but it is not necessary that they’ll be available when you’re free. And nobody can sit in front of the TV 24×7. You’ve got to do something else otherwise life becomes monotonous.

Living alone


Increased Expenses

When you don’t live in a shared space, all the expenses have to be done by you. From groceries to bills to rent, you have to spend your money on each and everything. This makes you realize how uneconomical it is to live alone and pay rent for an area where four more people could live easily.

You end up paying more than what is required and all your money which could be saved otherwise starts vanishing for unnecessary household things.  

Living Alone



Cleaning is something that nobody enjoys (unless you’re Monica Geller). It becomes a huge task after a tiring day at work. In a shared apartment, the job gets divided between everyone. But when you live alone, you have to do it yourself without any help.

And it is necessary to clean the apartment because we may not like cleaning, but we all like living in a clean area. And honestly, no one would like to do something like cleaning after a tiring day at work, that is the whole point of getting a job, so you’re not stuck around doing dishes at home.

Living Alone


Silence, always

Although there may be times when you absolutely don’t want to talk to anyone at all and remain calm and silent all day, that may not last for long. Us humans just cannot shut up for a long time. We need someone to talk to.

You can call up your friends or family members, but it’s not compulsory for them to be available when you really want to talk to someone. Even when you’re feeling low, there is no one to make you feel better, and that is not something you would enjoy.  

Living Alone

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