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What Friends (TV Show) taught us

From 1994 to 2004, six characters came into our lives and made us love them dearly. They became an important part of our lives, and so important that even today when we here “I’ll be there for you”, we become nostalgic. Listed below are five lessons that the show and it’s characters taught us:

1. Independence

Who can forget that time when Rachel, who once used to be dependent on her father for everything, cut the credit cards she had with her own hands. The show has always showcased how being independent is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. With strong characters like Monica who breaking all the stereotypes decided to be a chef, friends has always promoted the idea of independence.


2. Adjustment

Each of the characters on the show had lived as roommates with each other, be it Chandler and Joey, Rachel and Joey, Monica and Rachel, Phoebe and Rachel or Ross, Chandler and Joey together. We all know that living with someone is difficult and a lot of adjustments have to be made in order to do so. Putting up with Monica’s OCD, or Ross’s dehumidifier, or even Joey’s childish eating habits, was difficult. But adjusting is an important lesson that the show taught us, as it’s an absolute necessity in today’s world.


3. Being weird is okay

Monica was a perfect example of OCD, whereas Joey was weirdly immature, and Phoebe was weird in and out. But the fact that nobody gave up on them till the last moment shows how it’s okay to be different. The whole idea of the show was to let people know how one’s flaws are not the reflection of one’s character.


4. Friendship

Another lesson the six characters have always tried to teach us is how important friendship is. No matter how difficult the solution may be, a friend beside is more helping than any other thing in the entire world. The most important friendship was that of Chandler and Joey. How they couldn’t go without talking to each other, and how they knew what troubled the other person, gave us some real friendship goals.


5. Above all, love

What everyone will agree to is how F.R.I.E.N.D.S proudly endorsed the idea of Love. It didn’t matter to Chandler whether Monica loved cleanliness more than him, or to Rachel whether she and Ross were on a break or not. And not just that, the bond of love each of the characters shared with the other showed us how love is the most important thing in the world and how it gets us going through all the highs and lows.



I’ll be there for you. 

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