Why GetSetHome is your safest place to be

Home is not home if it isn’t safe. In light of recent events in purview of COVID-19, everyone’s foremost priority now is to secure themselves in their homes. But what happens when you are far away from your home in an alien city to keep up with your job? How do you trust your ‘home’ then?

This is when GetSetHome comes into the picture with its set safety norms and professionally managed homes to give you the much-needed satisfaction regarding your well-being. While hostels and PGs can be avoided, co-living is still a preferred choice rather than renting the entire apartment to ensure some cost cutting, close reach to your workplace (if necessary even during COVID) and having reliable roommates going through the same conditions as you which saves you from the uncertainty of being abandoned during such difficult times. 

COVID has become a new normal for us and therefore, with a mix of some easy ground rules and handy recommendations, GetSetHome is all set to host you at their safest abodes.

  • Sanitized Homes
    All our properties including the furniture and fixtures are thoroughly sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizers before move-in. Use of masks and gloves is strongly asserted on for all our personnel who are engaged during the complete process of sanitization.
  • Personnel and Third-Party Vendors’ Check Ups
    Scrutiny into the health of our personnel including all our employees is done daily and thrice a day for our ground staff. This includes keeping a check on their temperature, travel history and keeping them educated regarding safety protocols.
    Anyone showing even mild symptoms is asked to take precautions and stay at home while referring to a doctor.
  • Tenants’ Travel History
    We understand that your safety is also subject to the people living around you. So, to make sure a complete safety net around the house, we ask all our tenants to disclose their travel history and if they had been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID. Tenants will be allowed an entrance only after showing their medical certificate which clears them.
    Mandatory use of Aarogya Setu app by all personnel and tenants is to be complied with.
  • Less Exposure
    PGs and hostels expose us to an overwhelming crowd of people from all corners of the country. Tenants are cramped up in scanty rooms making co-living very inconvenient.
    This exposure is not only limited to the rooms but also to common areas like dining spaces water cooler areas, receptions, etc. Subjecting our safety to these conditions especially in current situation of COVID can result in putting ourselves in jeopardy.
    GetSetHome gives you the options to opt for a private or adequately spacious sharing rooms within an affordable range which ensures less exposure to crowd. This not only adds to your safety but also ensures that you get to keep your privacy intact.
  • Added Safety with more Private Rooms
    GetSetHome is now making its double sharing rooms available as single capacity rooms too. You will have the option to opt for a double sharing room as your own private space with no sharing within an affordable range.
    So, now you can share a house but not your privacy and enjoy co-living while maintaining a social distance while even being at home.
  • Contact via Digital Platforms
    In order to avoid physical contact as much as possible, GetSetHome is ready to be in a 24/7 loop with you via its digital platform. You can log in to our app to not miss out on any developments by us. To avoid actually visiting the properties on ground, you can refer to their photographs on our app along with a detailed information regarding all the available facilities and other nitty-gritties.
    As for those who are interested in visiting the properties, Aarogya Setu app installed and registered with is compulsory to know if you have been exposed to any risks.
    Whilst in the pursuit of avoiding physical contact, in no way will we be leaving you unattended. Our services are always open for you.
  • Safety Precautions
    We recommend establishing set sanitizing stations at your homes with us to ensure safe entrance in the house. All our agents and other personnel who will be coming in contact with you, will be wearing masks and gloves all the time while being in contact.
    Maintaining personal as well as the hygiene of your accommodations is very necessary especially in current times. We strongly emphasize on daily cleaning of the house.
    In order to make the housekeeping easier, GetSetHome provides free maid/caretaker services too.
  • Other Perks
    GetSetHome ensures a hassle-free journey starting from browsing of properties to moving in. With no brokerage, low deposits and all bills inclusive rent (including free Wi-Fi, free DTH, free gas and free maid/caretaker services), you get a pocket saver deal.
    We have got a range of secured channels to accept your payments. Cash payments are not accepted in order to add to the prescribes safety measures.

Within the compliance of WHO and Ministry of Health guidelines, we at GetSetHome are making your safety and convenience our supreme priority. We are taken all the reliable precautionary measures at our end.

While we are undertaking every step possible to ensure our homes as well as services feel safe and secure to you, we strongly maintain you employ all the safety measures possible at your end too.  Together we can make our co-living stays our safe havens again.

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