Work from home messing with your schedule? Here’s how you get it back on track

Working from home is pretty awesome, till your roommate starts blasting that music, or the neighbors start yelling at the top of their voices at ten in the morning! Certainly, WFH has its own perks like comfort, no commute, etc., but with it comes buck load of issues like less productivity, messed up work-life balance, calls from colleagues at odd hours, and whatnot. Probably the most inconvenient issue with WFH is how it meddles with our daily schedule (if you even have one).

Here are a few tips on how you can get your schedule back on track while not hampering your work:

  • Outline a plan everyday
    The most productive way to getting more things done and keeping up strictly with a schedule is designing a plan of action for each day. You can also outline a plan at the end of the day for the next day. This way you will not forget your objectives and miss out on important things.
  • Start Early
    Try starting early in the morning with not much delay. This way your productivity will be intact and you will have more time to manage other aspects of your routine too.
    It maybe so that you are a night person. You have to figure out the most convenient time when your productivity is at best. But once you decide on the time factor, get going with it.
  • Pretend to be at office
    The transition from full-time office to WFH might not work out satisfactorily for everyone. One better way to make it work is using reverse psychology. Schedule your hours for WFH as if you are in your office. Psychologically you are more comfortable working your office hours and thus, your productivity will be at its peak if you opt for the same time frame.
  • Secluded Working Area
    You cannot work efficiently if you have your house chores piling in front of you. You will be tempted to manage everything together which is going to disrupt you work-life schedule and you might end up doing not much. Set up a working area in a secluded place at your home which avoids distractions as well as the bustle of the family members or your roommate.
  • Avoid distractions
    Get off of that phone! Avoid getting distracted by the likes of social media. Avoid couch altogether. You will doze right off. The key to make your schedule work is self-discipline.
  • Set clear breaks
    All work and no play, is going to make any Johny boy dull. Instead of working till your body goes weary, schedule 2-3 clear breaks for you. Do not avoid your breaktime even if you feel like you can go another hour or so without it. It will make you feel run down rather quickly.
  • Set alarms
    If you are the kind of person who needs constant nagging to keep up the work, then set timely alarms according to the goals you have set out for the day.

We have a lot of power in ourselves to adapt to any change that comes forth us. A big plausible example is how we adapted the new normal COVID brought us. Thus, having an outline to work your day better is going to yield fruitful results, provided you stick to it. While it is for sure that social distancing will not be there forever and we will get to go back to our beloved workplaces, we must not deter from making the best of the time and keep up the pace of work and our productivity. The chaos will soon be over and we will emerge victorious. But to win, we will have to work hard to stay in the running.

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