5 things you should never tell a person living in Mumbai

When it comes to Mumbai, every Mumbaikar gets defensive. You may not like the city on the outside, but face it, you know it’s a beautiful place. And while you may even want to tease your friend living in Mumbai, you would not want to say the following to him/her :

“Delhi is better than Mumbai.”

YOU DO NOT SAY THIS TO A MUMBAIKAR, YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Saying things like “Delhi is cooler than Mumbai” or “Delhi has better chaat than Mumbai” can get you stares from people you don’t even know. Delhi may be a good city but you cannot compare them at all. Even if the thought of saying this comes to your mind, ABORT MISSION.

Living in Mumbai

“Mumbai Indians is not the best team in IPL.”

You cannot say this to someone who lives in Mumbai unless you’re planning to get punched by that person. Saying things like this can get you killed (okay maybe I exaggerated a bit). Mumbaikars worship Mumbai Indians and believe in the team. It doesn’t matter if the team loses or wins, they will stick through all the highs and lows.

Living in Mumbai

“I don’t like Vada Pav!”

Vada Pav is like rice and wheat, it’s a staple diet for Mumbaikars. Class doesn’t matter when it comes to this delicacy. Vada Pav is consumed by everyone, and it is mouth-watering. People are emotionally attached to it, and sometimes it becomes the only source of survival, when there’s nothing to eat. You cannot say that you don’t like vada pav to anyone living in Mumbai. Girlfriends come and go, Vada Pav remains forever.

Living in Mumbai

“Local Trains are irritating.”

This, you cannot, CANNOT say at all. In fact, you don’t know how local trains are the best thing to happen to Mumbai. Local Trains are no doubt very crowded, but it’s the cheapest and fastest mode to travel around in the city. This network connecting all the places together is a blessing. Travelling has been simplified, to an extent that most people regularly use this mode of transportation.

Living in Mumbai

“Mumbai isn’t that great.”

It may not be the best city in the world, but Mumbaikars adore their beautiful city. Situated alongside a sea, this island-like city has so much to offer to it’s residents. They love their city and cannot stand a word against it. Mumbai is definitely a great city and everyone must get a chance to witness it.

Living in Mumbai

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