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5 Movies that inspired us to get a job

Sometimes, there are some extraordinary movies made that not only entertain us, but also inspire us to drive a change in the lives that we live and make it worthwhile. They make us want to change for ourselves, they make us not want to give up, they build our confidence and make us realize that there is more to look for. Listed below are 5 movies that inspire us to get a job –

  1. Wake up Sid

This particular movie is a perfect example of how a movie makes you want to get a job you love and live alone. Everyone loved Sid when he decided to do something with his life and be independent, rather than listening to his father’s taunts. But whom I absolutely adored in the movie is Aisha (played by Konkana Sen Sharma). Playing an aspiring writer who is independent, bold and beautiful, makes me drool over her more than Ranbir Kapoor. Wake Up Sid is one movie that makes us want to be self-dependent.

Movies2. 3 Idiots

Parental pressure cannot stop you from being what you are and loving what you love. Although Farhan ( played by R Madhavan) was forced into engineering by his parents, his love for photography never ceased to exist. It did take time for Rancho (played by Amir Khan) to convince Farhan to follow his heart, but ultimately, he gathered courage and stood against his father for letting him be what he wanted to be. To stand against others is easy, but to stand against your family, requires strength, which Farhan acquired, and fulfilled his dream of being a Wildlife Photographer. 3 Idiots teaches us a lot about friendship, family, love, but most importantly, following our heart.  


3. Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year

Harpreet Singh Bedi (played by Ranbir Kapoor) might have scored 39% marks in graduation, but his dedication towards his job was 100%. Not only did he do his job with full honesty, he never forgot his morals and changed the company that he worked for.  Harpreet showed that eventually, hard work and honesty are required for a sound business. Rocket Singh is  a movie for everyone who believes that marks are the only thing that matter in life, everyone can do better and prosper.


4. Accepted

The movie on which F.A.L.T.U. is based is a good movie about doing something worth with life. This 2006 American comedy film is based on Bartleby Gaines (played by Justin Long), who is not able to get into a college because of low grades. To avoid his family’s disappointment, he starts his own college with his friends, which was meant for them initially, but many students across enroll themselves and land up here. Instead of giving up, he decides to make something out of this and turns this fake college into an approved one. Accepted is a movie that makes us want to get on with whatever it is that we want to do, it could be anything we love or desire.


5. The Intern

What could be more inspiring than an old retired man still wanting to work and not give up because he just cannot lead a boring life? Ben Whitaker (played by Robert De Niro) applies for an internship at a fashion company founded by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) because he refused to lead a monotonous life. Ben wins the office and is liked by Jules who was initially skeptical of him. The Intern is a perfect example of why one should never give up. Age is just a number, all we need to do is refuse to give any room to excuses and make our lives worthwhile.


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