How Digitization has changed the face of Co-living

COVID has struck almost every industry with an adversity in its months due to which we saw a wave of change in strategies in every business to survive this hit. The co-living industry is no exception to this. When a global pandemic leaves everyone concerned about their safety, then an industry which is entirely backed by providing home to people in distant corners of the world, has to restructure its practices. That being said, co-living, though facing a downturn at the moment, is definite to bounce back after things start to settle back to normal. Professionally managed rental platforms have been taking paramount steps to assure people of their safety in renting the properties. One major helping hand in this process has been their strong digital network.

Here are some of the ways in which digitization has changed the face of co-living:

  • Browsing
    Professionally managed platforms let on a better-quality assurance by providing all the information and picture of the properties. Browsing becomes so much easier with these rich-in-user-interface digital platforms where you can sort and filter your preferences in accordance to various parameters like area, budget, sharing, amenities, etc.
    No more are you supposed to roam around in scorching heat in the find for a perfect home.
    You can browse the entire city within a few clicks, sitting at home, without breaking any sweat.
  • Visiting
    When a provider gives you substantial proofing of the quality of their properties and services, it becomes much easier to trust them. In times like these, everyone wants to avoid socializing as much as possible. Thus, the platforms understand that their prospective candidates will be reluctant to visit the properties, for which they have made their websites completely informative. Virtual tours of the properties add to the sense of reliability among the viewers. Due to this, the need for visiting the properties has become redundant.
  • Reach
    Rental platforms are doing pro-founding work through their digital networks to reach out to more and more people and re-assure them of the one thing everyone is prioritizing the most- a safe and secure home. It is almost impossible to miss out on important information by them now.
    The old strategy to connect to people wasn’t that cost effective, limited the reach and didn’t yield much in terms of engagement.
  • Secured Payments
    People are now comfortable with online transactions. It has, in-fact, become a way of life in this COVID prone world. Rental platforms have banked on this acceptance of online transactions and made the payment method easier with their digital platforms. No doubt they make sure that their payment ends are secure, which adds to the security.
  • Post COVID
    The globally connected businesses need people to be able to migrate and maintain the status quo of their operations. People, thus, will jump back to co-living to survive the running of their jobs and businesses. People too are aware that a sudden surge will come as soon as things will start to settle and there will be a fear of missing out on the availability of properties. With digitized platforms, people will be able to make quick decisions and secure the properties without compromising on their preferences.

This paradigm shift in renting practices could be seen even before COVID. The shortcomings of the unorganized renting practices have now been met by professionally managed renting conformities. A major issue faced by the tenants was the untimely or non-existent maintenance services and no backing by landlord or broker at the times of troubles. With the 24/7 support network that these platforms provide, the tenants now don’t roam aloof and alone dubious on how to sort out their issues.

GetSetHome is a fitting example in today’s scenario. With constant push to make almost their entire renting process digital, GetSetHome, has made renting easier and secure for the tenants of today.

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