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7 Roommate Sitcoms You Should See

American Television has always blessed us with shows that we can enjoy, and there’s something for everyone. The wide genres available on television are so accurate and relatable, that we start having an understanding with the characters playing them. The most used genre on television is roommates and that automatically becomes connected to humour. Listed below are seven roommate sitcoms you should see :

The Big Bang Theory

Perhaps the best thing to happen to American television, The Big Bang Theory is a roommate sitcom you must not miss. The show is centered on five characters, Leonard and Sheldon who are physicists, their neighbour Penny, and Leonard and Sheldon’s two geeky friends and co-workers, Raj and Howard. A other characters who join in later are Amy Farrah Fowler who plays Sheldon’s love interest and Bernadette, a microbiologist and part-time waitress. The way these characters are knit together leads to one funny moment after another. The Big Bang Theory should be on your shows to watch list.

Roommate Sitcom


From 1994 to 2004, six friends came to television and changed it for the better. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey became a huge success and were on everyone’s mind. FRIENDS is a show that comes to mind immediately you hear the word “roommate”. The show’s central characters are these six friends who not only made us laugh, but made us cry at various moments too. A sweet, cute and funny show about how friendship should be and how it sometimes becomes more important than family, this is what FRIENDS is all about.

roommate sitcom

How I Met Your Mother

The show is a story narrated by Ted Mosby to his children about how he was on an adventurous journey before he met his wife/their mother. The other characters are Ted’s best friends, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. It is known for his eccentric humour and unique structure making it famous among the audience. The absolutely hilarious situations created by the characters and how everything leads to Ted meeting his wife after all the failures he had to endure is what makes the show a definite must-see.

roommate sitcom

Two Broke Girls

Two Broke Girls centers around the life of two broke girls living together, coping up with everything that comes their way and still aiming for better days. Now penniless Caroline Channing meets born penniless Max Black, shares an apartment with her, and works as a waitress at the diner along with her. What is absolutely hilarious is this show is Max’s outlook towards life, she knows the real deal but Caroline’s attitude of not giving up keeps them going. Two Broke Girls is definitely a must watch if you love funny shows.

roommate sitcom

New Girl

New Girl is a show about Jessica (also called Jess), a school teacher who moves to an LA loft with three men, Nick, Schmidt and Winston. Cece, Jess’s best friend and Coach are among other characters that appear regularly. The show is all about their life problems and how they deal with relationships, and how their decisions lead to some really funny outcomes. New Girl should be watched especially for Zooey Deschanel adorable portrayal of Jessica Day.

roommate sitcom

The Odd Couple

Matthew Perry being the main character on the show is itself a reason why you should watch The Odd Couple. The show is centered around the lives of two best friends from high school, one being Oscar and the other, Felix. Both of the characters move in together due to their severely damaged relationships with their wives, which leads to divorce. Oscar played by Matthew Perry and Felix played by Thomas Lennon have to cope with each other’s anomalous behaviour arising really hysterical situations.

roommate sitcom

Two And A Half Men

A show starring Charlie Sheen has got to be funny. And it’s even more funny when he is taking digs at others. Two And A Half Men is a show about Charlie Harper, who is forced to stay with his younger brother Alan Harper and his nephew Jake Harper. Charlie, who has his own set of problems had to now deal with his brother and his nephew who make his life a little more complicated than it’s supposed to be. The show has some uproarious moments that will definitely make you laugh your guts out.  

Roommate Sitcom


Make sure you include them on your “shows to watch” list.

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