Women's day

Qualities of a strong woman

1. Affectionate

Who’s the first woman that comes to your mind when you read “strong woman”? Your mom right? The most important quality of a strong woman is affection, and the best example on one is moms worldwide. There’s nobody who’ll love you more than you do, who’ll make your favorite dish and wait for you, call you in the middle of the night just to ask if you took your medicine and worry about you. Being strong is also about the power to love someone unconditionally.

Strong women

2. Independent

You’ll never see a strong woman dependent on anybody, she makes her own rules and lives by her own choices. This is what differentiates her from others. Gone are the days when women were on the mercy of their partners, both emotionally and financially. Modern women have changed the way things used to be. And frankly, there’s this inexplicable happiness in saying “I bought that for myself.”

Strong women

3. Inspirational

Strong women inspire others. There’s nothing a strong woman does that doesn’t make you want to follow her. You’ll want to be her, do what she does, live how she lives and talk how she talks. This is the beauty of a strong woman, she’ll never fail to impress others. Be it taking decisions, putting forth their opinion, or just being themselves, strong women have this amazing aura and impact on other people. They don’t follow, they lead, and nothing can stop them from being what they are.

Strong women

4. Collective empowerment

Woman who always pull each other down are not strong, they are weak and incompetent. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to be the best among everyone, it means to be able to do the best collectively. Women who are always full of themselves cannot prosper. To be able to do things together, be happy about each other’s success and to stand together no matter what happens are what strong woman believe in.

Strong women

5. Beautiful

Strong women are gorgeous beings. And no, I’m not talking about pretty faces and fair skin colours. I’m talking about the beauty within, the heart, the mind, the personality. She’ll never allow negativity anywhere near them. When you come across one, you’ll be mesmerized by their beautiful flow of thoughts and actions. And that’s what strong women are made up of.

Strong women
Happy Woman’s Day, you gorgeous ladies.

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