Every Skype Call Ever

Every Skype Call Ever

Everyone has Skype these days because not everyone has FaceTime. It’s crazy how the app has gotten people close to each other breaking all the barriers of distance. But, like everything else in life, Skype has it’s own set of glitches that everyone faces all the time. This is how every Skype call ever goes like –

1. “Hi!”
Everyone has friends/family living far away. Skype is the one thing that connects us together. Skype conversations need to be decided beforehand according to each other’s availability. This is the starting stage when you both can listen to each other clearly. It’s all fun and games for about fifteen minutes until the next stage kicks in.

2. “You look blurry.”
Here, the Skype demon attacks both of your devices when you both can’t see each other’s faces properly. It’s either become blurry or the screen goes completely blank. The silver lining is that you can still hear each other’s voices, but there’s really no point of Skype since you could have easily done the talking over the phone. But, it gets worse.

3. “Can’t hear you!”
Right after you can’t see each other’s faces and start doubting your own decision about Skype-ing each other, this happens. The silver lining lasts for about two seconds when the audio vanishes too. It takes a few minutes for you to realize that you have been speaking to your own self for a long time. You’re this close to throwing your device on the floor.

4. “Calling again!”
But, like everyone, you have hope. A hope that you’ll be able to talk to the other person if you just cut this call and call one again. Hope, is a dangerous thing. Even when they can’t hear you, you tell them that you’re going to cut this call and try again. This, no matter how many times you try, cannot fix the problem.

5. “Ugh, bye!”
After realizing that your efforts are going in vain and you’re really wasting your time here, you finally text them saying bye because it doesn’t Skype ended your conversation abruptly. Then you sit back and try to understand what really went wrong, until you come to a conclusion that this is how Skype works. Fifteen minutes of sunshine and then darkness.

Can you hear me?

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