Stuck At Family Events

What To Do When Stuck At Family Events

We’ve all been at family events. They are the reason why people have stopped believing in reproduction. Who likes being in a room full of people that are only here for the free food and passing judgements? Nobody likes that.

But every once in a while, you’re forced to go to one because your parents haven’t given up on you yet. But what to do when stuck at family events? Here is a list of things you could try in you ever end up in that situation –

1. Hide

The most appropriate response to being at a family event is finding the longest curtain and hiding behind it. If you want to spare yourself from people who are going to call you fat, thin, ugly, weird, moody and what not, the best way to deal with it is to hide. Just come out when the food arrives, and go back again.

Stuck At Family Events

2. Join the judgement

As I have established before, people come to family events just to judge other people. You can hop on the bandwagon and make some judgements yourself. If you’re lucky enough, you have your sibling who’ll join you. If you’re not lucky, find someone who is as cool as you and have fun for the whole night.

Stuck At Family Events

3. Leave them shocked

You have a lot of time to kill. The possibilities are endless when it comes to shocking your family members. You could say things that would be considered highly inappropriate for a family event. Mock an elderly everyone secretly dislikes. Or maybe announce that you’ve chosen a questionable profession. That would do it.

Stuck At Family Events

4. Create a scene

Who doesn’t love drama? Stir up some nonsense out of nowhere and watch everyone go bananas. Now I don’t mean start a fire or something. Maybe rat out that cousin to their parents, about that hookah snap story you saw of them, and watch the world burn. Make sure they don’t know your dirty secrets though.

Stuck At Family Events

5. Wait for your favourite cousin

The only thing good about a family event is the catching up you get to do with your favourite cousin. Until they come, choose one of the above for your entertainment. Once they pull up at the party, you’re not going to get bored. They are the solution to all life problems. All you need is your cousin and you’re sorted.

Stuck At Family Events

All the best, you poor you.

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