Meet New People

How To Meet New People

People, in general, are frustrating. There is never knowing about people. At one moment they may seem totally fine, but in the other, they can be so weird, you would regret talking to them. With so many bad experiences, you hardly have the feeling to meet new people.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you anti-social. People are really really stupid nowadays. But you will be in situations where you cannot avoid them anymore. Here is your guide on how to meet new people –

1. Disinterest since the beginning

Never show a new person that you’re interested in getting to know them. From the very beginning, you need to be firm with your disinterest in getting to know them. They’ll sense it soon enough from your constant pushing them away behavior and start talking to you less. Problem solved with less effort.

Meet New People

2. Lousy introductions

When you are in a situation when you cannot absolutely have to meet new people, you can give a really lousy introduction. That will make them feel you’re annoying and not a good person to socialize with. You don’t even have to try here. One introduction will make them stay away from you forever.

Meet New People

3. Act like a philosopher

The minute you see them, start dragging them into deep conversations. Ask them questions like what is the meaning of life or where do we go from here, things that will puzzle them and eventually make them want to stay away from you. Nobody wants to talk to a person who keeps blabbering about deep things.

Meet New People

4. Look judgemental

You know the kind of people everyone hates? People who are judgemental. You really may not care about any other human being around you in real life and believe in the policy of ‘live and let live’, but you’ve got to bring your A-game of acting here. Move those muscles to make them go away on their own.

Meet New People

5. Run away

And lastly, if nothing goes your way and you are being forced to meet new people, run away. Run as fast as you can and as far as you can. Life is too short to meet people who would forget your name the very next second. You should quit wasting time and go travel or something. Nobody got time for meeting people.

Meet New People

You’re welcome. Take care of yourself.

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