11 month old raped

11 month old raped. What’s the excuse now?

Humanity as it’s worst.

What is the excuse now? Was she wearing short clothes? Was she wearing a dark red lipstick? Was she asking for it? Was she wearing jeans? Was her bra strap showing? Was she all alone on the streets in the middle of the night? Was she hanging out with boys? Did she swear a lot? Did she look like the kind of girl who secretly wanted it? Was she wearing high heels? No please, go on, what is the excuse now?

Yet again, an innocent’s life was worth destroying for a few seconds of pleasure. And this time, even before she could reach that age where her parents could tell her about the world she was born in, this innocent 11 month old baby was brutally raped for two hours in a jungle by someone who doesn’t even deserve to be called a “man”. Men don’t do this, these people are not men. They’re monsters who have no right to live in the society.

Let me tell you exactly what this coward did. At a construction site in Vikaspuri, Delhi, he took the child away at 10:00 pm and went straight to the bushes nearby. There, he raped the little baby for 2 hours, and when she was unconscious, he left her there fearing that she may have died. It’s you who’s dead, not her. The baby was later found by the authorities and rushed to the hospital. She was bleeding profusely and was critical.

This is not the first time, and it certainly isn’t the last. Until and unless there aren’t strict laws made for rapists, this is going to happen every other day. The question is, how many innocent lives are we willing to sacrifice until it’s realized that there is a need to change. How many more girls are going to be educated at an early age of 7 the concept of rape? How about we teach men not to rape? How about teaching young boys that it’s not okay to raise your hands at a women? How about we stop treating women like victims and change the laws so that they don’t constantly live in the fear of being attacked by someone.

The punishment for rape should be death penalty without trial of any kind. There is no excuse for inflicting pain at someone whom you don’t even know. There can be no excuse for destroying someone’s life even before they’ve barely started to have one. You have no right to do that. You rape, you die. That’s how it should be. No matter much progress we make as a country, as a world, the fact still remains that we made such a society where a 11 month old baby couldn’t be safe.


So what’s the excuse now?

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