Thor Ragnarok

Reasons Why You Should Watch Thor Ragnarok

Marvel fans, what’s up? Did you have a great weekend? Of course, you did. How could you not have one when Thor Ragnarok released? Wasn’t it simply amazing? Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with yet another drop dead entertaining movie that builds the plot perfectly in line with The Avengers: Infinity Wars saga. Not for one minute are you disappointed in the movie. The great story, the perfect performance by each character and the amazing soundtrack, all come together to give you a movie experience you won’t be forgetting for a long time. Let’s begin counting some of the best moments from the movie Thor Ragnarok –

1. Hulk and Thor Bromance
If you were wondering where Hulk had been since Avengers: Age of Ultron, he was in Sakaar, a planet surrounded by wormholes. He fights as a champion for the planet’s ruler, the Grandmaster, who is slightly eccentric but hilarious. The bromance between the two Avengers is so cute to witness as an audience. Hulk is adorable, with his stubborn yet considerate ways. You start missing him as soon as he turns into Banner. The bromance is the number one reason to watch Thor Ragnarok.

Thor Ragnarok

2. Wild Valkyrie
Under the name Scrapper 142, Valkyrie came to Sakaar after Hela, the Goddess of Death destroyed her whole kind. In Sakaar, she mostly captures prisoners for the Grandmaster and drinks. She’s the one who captures Thor and brings him to the Grandmaster. When Thor learns about her being an Asgardian, he tries to get her on the team to destroy Hela and restore peace in Asgard. Initially uninterested, Valkyrie later joins the team and man oh man, so wild and fierce is her character!

Thor Ragnarok

3. Hell’s Hela
Cate Blanchett plays the role of the evil and ferocious Hela, the first-born child of Odin who was caged by him due to her growing desires. When Odin dies, she comes back as there’s nothing to stop her from taking Asgard. Thor’s Mjolnir is broken into pieces by her, which automatically makes her incredibly powerful and we all know, not everyone is worthy. She sits on the throne of dead bodies in Asgard, as she mercilessly kills anyone who comes in her way. Hela seems unstoppable on her conquest to rule the entire universe.

Thor Ragnarok

4. The Epic Battle
After gathering an army of Hulk and Valkyrie, with Heimdall saving the common people from Hela’s terror on Asgard, Thor reaches Asgard to save his planet and people. The battle scene is epic when Thor fights Hela and realizes he’s no match for her. He has a vision where Odin tells him that it’s the power inside him, not the hammer that makes him special and worthy. The God of Thunder strikes at Hela, but still can’t kill her for good. With Loki’s help, they resurrect Ragnarok, the doom for Asgard, leaving Hela behind on the planet. Asgard is the people, not the place, is what Odin tells Thor.

Thor Ragnarok

5. Thanos, is that you?
Now that Asgard lies in ruins, Thor sets journey to Earth, the new habitat for his people on a huge ship. In the mid-credit scene, Thor and Loki are having a conversation on whether taking Loki back to earth is a good idea. Between their conversation, both of them see a huge ship right in front of theirs, which is when the screen goes black. If you’re a fan, you know they have started setting the premises for the Infinity Wars series. The best guess right now is that the ship is Thanos’s who is there because he knows Thor is looking for all the Infinity Stones as well. We’re ready for it all Marvel, give us what you got.

Thor Ragnarok

If you need more reasons to watch the movie, there’s a cameo by Benedict Cumberbatch reprising his role as Doctor Strange. Tom Hiddleston is back with his mischievous Loki, who you just can’t hate in this movie. And of course, there’s the Incredible Hulk, funny, cute and charming as ever. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets for Thor Ragnarok now!

Mjolnir, you be back soon!

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