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Things That Annoy Book Lovers

Book lovers, where you at? Honestly, every day is our day when there’s a good book to read with a soothing cup of coffee and silence. Books have always been our best friends, sometimes, more than human beings. You can always find answers in a book, no matter what you seek. For people like us, a lot of things that disrupt our peaceful reading can be annoying. Here’s a list of things that annoy book lovers –

1. People who see us reading but still decide then would be a great time to laugh out loud discussing lives of people they know. SHUT IT DOWN, PEOPLE!

2. All the noise that comes from all the dimensions of the world when you’re reading while traveling. Nothing is more annoying than this.

3. The kind of people who approach you even when they see you holding a book right in front of your face. Seriously, are you blind dude?

4. Those days when you want to start reading a book but you can’t decide which one, so you end up getting all annoyed at your indecisive self.

5. When you get down to read a book but something is off about the setting. You can’t exactly point your finger at what it is but it’s annoying you.

6. People you keep disrupting you when you’re at a really important part in the book. You want to be polite but also kind of want to rip them apart.

7. When you call a bookstore to know if a book is available and they say yes. But then when you go to collect it, it’s out of stock. WHY?

8. Being surrounded by non-readers who have never had the blissful experience of finishing a book and getting annoyed that they never even want to.

9. Stupid friends who keep calling you for parties on the weekend when all you want to do is snuggle in your bed and complete that book you’re reading.

10. The fact that there are so many books in this world but you only get this one life which is clearly not enough to finish them all. NOT FAIR.

Book Lovers

Happy book lovers day!

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