Signs That You Are An Optimist

Signs That You Are An Optimist

Being optimistic is great, until you cross the line and become overly obsessed with being a positive person. Your optimism has given you a lot of unnecessary confidence, but now it has become a part of your personality. No matter how dark your days are going, you still find a way to feel happy about things. Optimism is fine, but not when it gets over the top. A person who finds the balance between optimism and pessimism is someone who has his life sorted. Following are the signs that you are an optimist –

1. In some of the most hopeless situations, you have shown so much optimism that you yourself have been surprised.
2. Every time something bad happen, you are like “I’ll get through this” but you never do. However, you keep saying that.
3. Your optimism has quite a lot of times been a pain in the ass for others but you’ve not given up.
4. You are given a lot of flak by your friends regarding this optimism. But as usual, you don’t give up your ways.
5. Instead of finding solutions, you’re more about believing in that good things happen to good people.
6. You always find something positive in the worst of things. This has often ended in you being thrashed by others.
7. People think you are crazy for all the positivity that you keep projecting all the time.
8. You are so full of optimism that has become your religion. It is the one idea that you firmly believe in.
9. There’s not a single thing that makes you feel low as you find happiness in everything.
10. The glass is always full for you. If it’s not, you make sure you put in the water yourself to make it full.

Signs That You Are An Optimist

Stop being so happy all the time. Thanks.

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